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Diary For Teens is a place for teens to share their thoughts, ideas, passions and troubles. My blog will contain topics such as funny stories, sad stories, make-up and hair advice and other various topics. I hope you enjoy and comment my posts and if anyone wants to become a blogger on my site please create an account and send me a message.  Please be sure to include the name of your blog in the message.   Only a few that I’ve set up have actually been used, so only ask to have a blog if you’re going to use it.  You can still post to groups and the activity page even if you don’t have a blog page.



:] Thanks for coming to my site!


UPDATE: We’ve recently enabled user blogs!  You must be an active participant in our community before we’ll setup a blog for you.  We also reserve the right to monitor and remove any content we feel is inappropriate.  Oh yeah, be sure to read our privacy policy before joining.

441 thoughts on “About The Community

  1. Rebekah

    Hai, I’m Rebekah but call me Bekee. I’d really like to start a blog and I will be on often I am 13 but I am mature beyond my years, I am homeschooled so I don’t get out much but I love to make new friends, I cannot say I have. Depression because well I don’t, but sometimes I have spills because I’m the friend that fixes the problem. And when i open up I don’t really like to share it because the people I know don’t understand. I’d like to steam, and let it out on a blog and also give advice. Since my parents divorced my life got pretty tough (this was roughly 7 years ago) and more recently I discovered I have scholiosis, Bent not Broken, I have a huge imagination and I’m rather creative, please let me know whether I can set up a blog. I’d like to discuss some things about having a blog.
    thank you, sincerely me. Ps. If I do have a blog is like it to be called “These bad habits”

  2. Tamra Rene Fiedler

    I’d sure like to know how this diary gig works because I was directed to WIX WEB-BUILDER site for people wanting to build proffesional websites. All I want is the diary I thought was part of this sign on thing for this loose site. Need some kind of info. where do I click to get my darn diary?

  3. Katherine

    I thought that our page was our blog.. Lol. I already started “blogging” on it. But if at all possible, could I have a legit blog? That would be ammmmaaaazzziinnnnggg!!!

  4. Hannah

    You have to go to create acount on here, and there you go. And to writing something I am still trying to figure that out too lol I just joined today

  5. Mya

    I would like to start a blog. i am new to this and i just really want to let out some demons. thank you. xo -ohsoobliiousmya

  6. Skylar Love


    My name is Skylar Love. I am a 14 year old singer/songwriter. I debut two songs last year – Birthday – happy celebration song and Snow In July – a song about a love lost at Christmas. I am contacting you to learn if you would be interested in embedding my video – Birthday on your site. If so, please send me an e-mail in regards.



    Skylar Love Hinds

  7. Venus Fray

    I guess I must comment here to start. My therapist recommended this site to start a blog. I have a pretty messed up life and just wanna express my troubles and advice for others. So yea, Im Venus and Id like to start blogging!

  8. Nib

    Hey, Can I get a blog? Am I even doing this right? This place looks pretty dead, if somebody who can give me a blog see’s this, please just give me one.

  9. João Carlos Lopes

    Dear Kat,

    I’m languages professor and writer. At the moment, I’m writing a book on different approaches to Genre and need to analyze authentic texts from teenage blogs. I would like to ask for your permission to use one or more texts from your blog. The book is aimed at university students and teachers of languages.
    Thanks in advance,

    João Carlos Lopes

  10. Zoe Carter

    Hi Kat, my name is Zoë Carter and I am 14 years old. I am from Cape Town, South Africa. I absolutely adore writing and I would like to start a blog. You see, I’m going to the States in a few months and I would love to start a blog about my trip. When it comes to ”blogging” I’m not that experienced and I was hoping if you could help me? I would love to learn from the best…so I hope I hear from you with a successful answer.

    Thanks Zoë

  11. Erica

    Hi Kat😊 I would love to start a blog. I don’t necessarily know if you will even reply back to me, but it’s worth a try😉Thanks😁

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