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Diary For Teens is a place for teens to share their thoughts, ideas, passions and troubles. My blog will contain topics such as funny stories, sad stories, make-up and hair advice and other various topics. I hope you enjoy and comment my posts and if anyone wants to become a blogger on my site please create an account and send me a message.  Please be sure to include the name of your blog in the message.   Only a few that I’ve set up have actually been used, so only ask to have a blog if you’re going to use it.  You can still post to groups and the activity page even if you don’t have a blog page.

:] Thanks for coming to my site!


UPDATE: We’ve recently enabled user blogs!  You must be an active participant in our community before we’ll setup a blog for you.  We also reserve the right to monitor and remove any content we feel is inappropriate.  Oh yeah, be sure to read our privacy policy before joining.

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  1. can i please have a blog?i want write to write about my middle school experiences and give advice my user name is gymnasticsdream4046

  2. hey I’m new here:) hmm how can I have my blog?

  3. Hey! My name is Samantha! im not sure really where to begin! but I know I cant type a blog yet which totally blows! but I am 17 and have a 2 year old son! my life is hard but I feel like I need alone time when I put my son to bed to just write in a diary! I got pregnant at 15 and had my son at 15! it is not easy what so ever! but I do it im not working because I stay home full time and take care of my mom who is now bed bound! I just got out of a serious relationship in which I was engaged in! its been so hard these last few days with this break up and yet all these guys text me and what not and want to go out and have fun when all I want is a family and to be at home and take care of my kid! I just really like to start my blog so I can start at the way beginning as to how and why this all went down!

  4. how do you ask kat to blog…notify me when u get the answer to my question thkx my ppl luv yuh

  5. can i have my blog?

  6. can i also have a blog

  7. Hi, the reason I joined this site is to blog. May I please have one?

  8. I’m new here too. how i can write a post?

  9. Hi

    We love your blog 🙂 we’d love you to check out Silent Secret app. Wondering if you’d check out and give Silent Secret a blog shout out when or after we launch it this Thursday 27th and let us know what you make of it :).

    Silent Secret is an app for teenagers (11-19) to share secrets and thoughts anonymously.It will great if you would talk to us directly on Twitter@silentsecretuk or call Seun on 07762801640, that would be awesome. Stay amazing!

    Hope to hear from you.

    Caroline Leo from Silent Secret

  10. umm..not sure

  11. well, I am yasmine. I live in the Netherlands so my english isn`t really good. I am new at this site and I really want a blog so I can post my story. This is my life in short: I was born in 2000, when I was three my family and I moved to the city. when I was four I went to Elementery school (in holland you start when you are four and end with elementery school when you are eleven). I did not had many friends, I had none actually. when I was seven I really had a hard time I got bullied and stuff I did not what I could do. then I went to middle school ( you go to middle school en finish when you are 15,16, 17) things got better and I had a lot of friends and fun, until I turned 14 when I met this boy… he turned my world upsidedown and he made me do things I did not wanted to do… I hope I got a blog so I can post more

  12. when can I start blogging ???

  13. im new add me i will talk about my life story and things that teens things need to know that you guys are not alone in this world at all i hope to get a blog from kat

  14. hey. I’m new here. how can i have my blog???

  15. Hi, my name is Tabitha and i’m new here. I’ve heard about joining a blog and make friends… I’ve never had a blog before but sometimes i just want to share my thoughts, express how i feel, personal problems, ect. I would like it if anyone admits to reading my page once I get a blog and helps me or gives me any advice. (.-.)

  16. can i have my blog? im in high school and i really need to blog about it. like major badly!

  17. hey new here also jut wanted to say can’t wait to share.

  18. can I please have a blog? Promise to use it x

  19. i would like a blog to write about life and be an ispiration and help people through things i have expeirenced alot and i want to share that they are never alone

  20. I am so glad that I have found a website like this where I can finally let out some of my steam.

  21. Hey! Ive recently had some inspiration and I was wondering if you could setup my blog? I have a lot to say and lots of tips to give (: My Blog Name would be “The life of a popular teen” (dont worry its not one of those obnoxious popular girls im just sharing my hardships, whats its actually like, and the dissapointments along the way)

  22. am a new member

  23. Can I have my blog yet?

  24. can I please have my blog I really want to talk about my experiences and my thoughts on things @kstratton63001

  25. my blog’s name would be “Future Effects.” I want to write about problems that ive had because i know that i would also like to relate to someone who has the same junk going on as me.

  26. Can i have a blog on your website? Ive been reading blogs on your website and theyre just so insperational and i hope to share my thoughts and stories with everyone!

  27. Can i have a blog on your website? Ive been reading blogs on your website and theyre just so insperational and i hope to share my thoughts and stories with everyone! The name of my blog would be “Just jackie”

  28. How can you get a blog?

  29. can i pls hav my blog

  30. Can I have a blog please?

  31. I know I am new year here and all, but I would there be a chance I could have my blog? Please.

  32. heya i’m new here how do i get a blog?x

  33. can i have a blog please? (: it’d be nice just to kinda write everything I’m thinking and stuff

  34. hi my name is myia and i would love to have a blog for this site. I am going to use it to post my poetry on. I have a vision that someday my poetry will save lives adn i would like to do that on your site. please and thank you.

  35. can i have a blog?

  36. I want a blog so I can post my poems and my feelings

  37. blogs are like a canvas for what u belive should be put out there for the world to know

  38. This is such a great idea. It’s great for teens to have an outlet for everything going on in their lives. Check out my blog site if you have a chance. It’s very teen oriented. You’re sure to love it!

    My blog: http://www.dreamingofgold.com

  39. I want a blog please

  40. hi, is there anyway i can have my blog? i watched a film tonight that said blogging helps, so i thought id try it, i dont know may be silly but would be worth a try, thank you x

  41. please can I blog I really want to write about my feelings and the struggles also how to help please thx from moderngirl

  42. can I have a blog, I’m new here and would love to write and post about so many things in my life.

  43. Hello, I’d like a blog please. I’ll try using it as much as I can.

  44. Hey, I haven’t really been on due to being really busy with school, but I would love to have a blog please

  45. I would like a blog. Please? I am in high school and i would like to write about the experiences, the people I go to school with, the stereotypes I see, and everything else that is going on in my life.

  46. I wondered if I can send you a copy of a new YA novel called Aurelious Forty for you write a review of it on your terrific blog. It was just picked up for the Summer Reading List by a school district in New York and has some great reviews on the Amazon site. Send me your snail mail so I can send you a review copy and/or your fans can purchase it online on Amazon.com.

  47. Umm hi i’m going true a lot of things now and well i cant tell my BFFs cause there juste gonna make things worse cause there gonna compare it with there own experiences and they’ll tell me its nothing to worry about. Maybe to them it’s nothing but to me it’s a HUGE problem. So for that reason i would like to have blog soon so that other people can give me USEFUL advice.

    Thx hope u understand

  48. Riley said on May 7, 2015

    Hello I’ve also been wanting to blog ever since i joined this site and i am wondering when can i start because i have so much to say and I’m holding grudges like crazy. i just want to let it all out already.

  49. Can i get a blog now pls?

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