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Diary For Teens is a place for teens to share their thoughts, ideas, passions and troubles. My blog will contain topics such as funny stories, sad stories, make-up and hair advice and other various topics. I hope you enjoy and comment my posts and if anyone wants to become a blogger on my site please create an account and send me a message.  Please be sure to include the name of your blog in the message.   Only a few that I’ve set up have actually been used, so only ask to have a blog if you’re going to use it.  You can still post to groups and the activity page even if you don’t have a blog page.

:] Thanks for coming to my site!


UPDATE: We’ve recently enabled user blogs!  You must be an active participant in our community before we’ll setup a blog for you.  We also reserve the right to monitor and remove any content we feel is inappropriate.  Oh yeah, be sure to read our privacy policy before joining.

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  1. Hi You all want to have blogs? make one dont be afraid to go ahead let out all that steam dont fear put on a show be you and ONLY you

  2. I also just stared and I don’t know what to do so can some tell me where my diary at

  3. how can i make a blog

  4. Hey i joined this for a reason and that is to blog now may i please have a blog. I’m new at this site and i just read some of the comments and it seems that you must ask to have a blog. So please respond back with your answer

  5. hey i’m new at this but i have had a blog in my past and i hope to have one on here. so please may i have a blog i want to share my many funny stories and i have read some of the blogs on here an i hope mine can give so much hope as there’s

  6. Ok so im confused how do we get a blog

  7. Okay i came on this site to blog not to sit around and wait for a blog. So like how can we get a blog because I refuse to keep sitting around all day waiting to see if I cab blog. Please get back with me.

  8. I would like a blog called insanity please!!!

  9. i would like to become a blogger

  10. can i blog??

  11. how can I have a Blog ? Please 🙁

  12. Do you mind if I have a blog?

  13. well.. i am a new member here and i come from Thailand. i just want to improve my English with writing blog. about my life, my thought. can i please have my blog. 🙂

  14. There are just times where I wish i can say everything i feel but i can’t. i just do not know how, but somehow typing away helps me out a lot. I’m sure i am not the only one that sometimes feels like this.

  15. may I please get a blog? I’ve joined this website so I can write out my life and the troubles that also come along with it.

  16. Hey so I’m curious about staring a blog and I want to know how to get one. I love writing fictional stories and I hope to one day become an author and I want to share some of the stories with other people and see how they feel about them and if they like them. If you can please set me up with a blog that would be wonderful, thank you!

  17. May I please have a blog? I would like to write some short fictional stories.

  18. KAT

  19. Hey Kat, don’t forget about me! I’d love to start blogging soon! Thank you for the opportunity!

  20. hi ! i signed up for this app to blog ……. not to have to ask if i could have one but since i have to ask can i have a blog !

  21. I really like your website. I love the picture of the tree and the poem underneath it. I have never been one for poems but that one I really liked.:):):):)

  22. can i please have a blog !! i am always active on anything i sign up on .

  23. i would like to have my own blog please .

  24. I am new to this how do I get a blog??\

  25. um I came here to start a blog called ‘sinicalbitch’ but i dont mind changing the name so its appropriate?my intentions are to vent my opinions on certain topics like love,war etc i dont plan to create any hateful comments nor would i include them in my blog I just came here to write.

  26. How do you get a blog? i would really like one.

  27. Hi im confused how do I get to the point where I can blog on here? I feel it would really help me get what im feeling off my chest and would love it if I was allowed to blog on here

  28. hey people im new at this and im so addicticted to writing can any one help

  29. Hello, I’d Like To Start A Blog, Not Really Sure How To Msg You… Or If This Counts As Messaging You. I Would Really Like To Blog About Love and The Different Aspects Of It; Heart Break, Falling In Love, Relationship Issues, Etc. Please Let Me Know When I Can Start Bogging, It Would Be A Great Outlet For Me…

  30. I would really like to have a blog

  31. I would like a blog called “Midnight Thoughts🎲” please.

  32. can i please have a blog i need to get all this out please help me,

  33. Im kinda afraid of telling my story with the rest of the people . lol I am not sure if i should do a blog or not about this ..HELP

  34. Hi, am new here. Am lil confused about these blog thing. Can you describe shortly?

  35. and can I make my blog private?

  36. Hi there, does anyone know how I can get hold of Kat?

  37. How do I get a blog?

  38. hey I just created an account

  39. i can’t seem to get it on the home page
    Is it posting it privately because i don’t want that

  40. Hey, where can I blog on here?

  41. um…so i made an account so that i could have a blog. how do i get one?? a blog would be nice but I’m oh so confused on how to get one. help?

  42. How do you start a blog??

  43. Can I please have a bog? I really feel this would be a great oopertunity to share with other teenage girls my expeirance, and give them options for how to overcome them struggles.

  44. I want to make a blog 🙂

  45. Is that what we are doing now. We have to ask for a blog. I’m really confused, need help immediately.

  46. I’m new here let me see if I know how this works, I would like to request a blog of my own in my blog I will write about the trial and tribulations we as teens face that we are too afraid to stand up and talk about, I will write about my own personal experiences and what I have come to know I am 15 year old sophomore, I will
    Be active and answer and questions I can thank you for reading this I’m very excited about this website. Ps I will blog what my viewers want to hear about

  47. im a singer ad dancer but i like to sing i love to listen to people sing im 13 years old im in middle school i have alot of friends

  48. I would like to start a blog, something of a personal memoir, a warning to those who may be walking in similar footsteps, and I would like to share my journey to becoming a better person for myself, and for those I love. It’s a bit graphic and hard to swallow, but it’s a story of abuse and the psychological toll it takes on a kid coming into their teenage years and adult life.

  49. Yara said on June 9, 2016

    Hi I would like to put up my ideas using a blog. I would like to call it “Ideas”.

  50. I want to have a blog or become a blogger. So can I have a blog please?

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