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    So, I finally turned 20! And I’ll always be a teen at heart <3 Maybe Tween lol. But since this is a teen Diary, I feel like I should keep it that way, I'll just have to face my problems a different way. I'll miss this, it helped me when I was in a difficult time and the community here, is amazing. You all are going through tough times, but yet…[Read more]

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    Sometimes my family just gets me to the point were i wanna blow my head off.And it dosent help that people always make me feel ugly.

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    The media prefers the
    Calderon said that Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid, will be using Jose Mourinho’s manager Manchester United for a new position.
    “I want to have Roberto Martinez, but he still has a contract with Belgium. Maurizio Pozzetti has also signed a deal with Tottenham Hotspur. The president will be approached by several…[Read more]

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    UEFA ordered flat Ronaldo single shot.
    European Football Federation (UEFA) announced a penalty for Cristiano Ronaldo striker Juventus 1 red card case in the UEFA Champions League game that beat Valencia 2-0 at Valencia. Past
    The 33-year-old Portuguese captain received a red card in the 29th minute after a goalless defender called “Bat” in the…[Read more]

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    Romero reveals Mark has a similarity to Messi.
    Romero revealed on the website of Manchester United club, “Leo Messi is one of the best players. As i have seen I think he is the only player in the world. Or, as I have seen, can run the ball. Stick to the excellent. ”
    “He can speed up to the maximum. To raise the ball It never goes away. His control…[Read more]

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    UEFA to announce UEFA Champions League
    The European Football Federation (UEFA) confirmed on Thursday, 27 September that the technology will be used to help in the UEFA Champions League in the 2019/20 season. Go
    In addition, VR will be used in the UEFA Super Cup 2019 and European football championship “Euro 2020” as well. The Europa League will be…[Read more]

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    I haven’t been the same in a while. I’ve been moody and depressive and bitchy and just plain mean. I’ve been guilt driven and hurt and a lot of things in between. I wanna be happy again, but i gotta get over all of these emotions that has been going through my mind. I’m scared. I’m just plain scared for everything that’s gonna happen and I just…[Read more]

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    Hello, everyone, I am the one who created this group, with time I have forgotten about it; life has gotten in the way. I did not think it will have so many members, thank you. Please feel free to be yourself and ask about anything and everything. This group is to make you feel secure and safe. Be kind to one other.

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    Abraham Spears Chelsea Villa loan
    “The Blue Lions indigo” Chelsea announced the England striker Tammy Rooney’s “Sing” debut, Aston Villa in the Champions League loan to use English season 1 successfully. On Friday, August 31st.
    O’Rourke, who last season played Swansea City on loan, pioneered the three-man option in the “Sing the Blues” following…[Read more]

  • Does anybody know any other good blogging sites?

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