Life is a Game

May 2, 2013 in My Blog

People try to tear us down

But we are so afraid that our voices don’t make a sound

One day I will take a stand

And I will be the bigger man

I will start and follow my heart

I wont let myself fall down and hit the ground

People try so hard to be the same that they only cause themselves the pain

I admit it, I try to fit in but then I realize it’s okay to be different

I will try my best to help the rest

I reach out to you in a poem or two

Listen to the words I say

God forbid it may be our last day

Remember my name and don’t forget that life is a game

Play by the rules and you will be given the right tools

life_is_a_game_by_speedyroby (1)

3 responses to Life is a Game

  1. I can truely relate to this. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. Thank you (:

  3. Jason said on May 5, 2013

    People come here for encouragement. Glad they can get some at your blog. Keep going, you never know who is reading.

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