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Travel-With-Friends2-600x450Some use the quote “It ends just as fast as it started,” well somethings do, In my life I ran into this quote a few times. I had just made this new friend and we were so close until we had one fight. Then it slowly went down hill. I felt as if nothing was going the way it was supposed to. We tried everything to get back to our normal friendship but something inside me never felt the same again. Somethings you just have to drop and start all over again. The most important things are what we have to give up at the hardest times. We get so caught up in all this new stuff we forget what we already have. Sometimes the old is the new we have been looking for.

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  1. hey you seem like a very strong girl and dnt use that quote anymore i think is sounds better as … things happen for a reason and sometimes you do have to let go if you want a new begining just let go and remember things happen for a reason mabe you friendship just wasnt ment to be but youll find true friendship some day

    good luck ! 🙂

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