Don’t Give Up, Just Reach Out.

July 15, 2013 in My Blog

When your down or depressed remember these things. I use these very often.

1. Remember who Loves you.

2. Your family & Friends are there for you. Just give them a chance.

3. Listen to uplifting music to keep your spirit high.

4. Do a lot of activities to keep your mind of the negative situation.

5. If you don’t think that nobody loves you or cares your even alive. Remember I do and I made this blog to reach out to others who relate to me. I needed someone to care about me and to know my feelings and that may be you.

6. Last but not least remember you can always make it through anything difficult. It all takes time. Don’t be inpatient and don’t give up.

I love all my fans! I will always love you guys and keep writing for you. Keep me posted and you can also message me on Gmail.!  Or just message me on here. Thanks guys for supporting me!       xoxo Love Amanda <3cool 3

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  1. i feel so alone

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