July 28, 2011 in Poetry, Teen Troubles

We never really know when people leave for good. You may here a whisper or the wind blow. My sister told me when she left this hollow earth that she would always be with me in the shadows of my soul. Crying in the dark night, knowing she had to go. My angel was gone. Now I’m here without you.

2 responses to Shadows

  1. She is still with you. When people die they stay with us in more than just memories. They continue to influence us, love us and even communicate with us. Don’t worry, she won’t leave you.

  2. dont worry she will never be gone for good she always be there for you. She be looking over you, She would want you to not let this get you down, she would want you to be happy even though it hard but she hasnt left you. <3 x

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