What to do about acne? Does Proactiv Really Work?

July 28, 2011 in Teen Troubles

I’ve seen the infomercials on TV more times than I care to admin.  I want my mother to get it for me, cause my skin is breaking out like crazy this summer.   My mother thinks Proactive is some crazy product that is being pimped by “popular teen stars” just to lure kids like me in.  Does anyone know if proactive really works?    If it does could you please post a comment on this post so I can show my mother.   I told her the other option was going on birth control pills, but that started a conversation I really never wanted to start… trust me.  So what do you think, does it work or is this some product being pimped by the teen version of Billy Mays?


Let me know….   ♥ JessiKah ♥

6 responses to What to do about acne? Does Proactiv Really Work?

  1. yes it works, but if you start using it you kind of have to keep using it for a while. I started using proactiv and it cleared my face up awsome, so I thought I was all set and I think I got worse acne than I had before I used it. also you have to be careful of what kind of makeup you use, I decided to not use any cause it might counteract what proactiv was supposed to do. i would rather get rid of my acne than have maekup on…. ppl looking at me might not fell that way, but I do lol

    Mom get JessiKah Proactiv!!! It works great!! haha

  2. It works but it drys ur skin! Use alottt of moisturizer and dont wear too much makeup!

  3. Well, My opinion is that Do Not Use It!
    When i was 14ish and 13 I Used it and it irratated my skin,
    Then i heard from my friend she used it and the same happened.
    I Recommend you go to a Dermatologist like what i did
    I Used, Tea Tree.. SKIN I.D. , Proactive and also Maxclarity.
    Now i’m 15 and i have clear skin since i went to the dermatologist and it only took 3 months for my skin to FULLY CLEAR 😀

  4. Forgot but if you do use Proactive their is a catch and it is even if your skin clears up you have to keep using it no matter what!

  5. Thanks for the info. I’ve been reading that Proactiv is pretty harsh and that a lot of people have had bad reactions to it.

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