I’ll keep it hidden

July 30, 2011 in Poetry, Teen Troubles

My world is falling, crumbling apart, life is  meaningless & that’s just the start


My hearts so sore, I can feel it  breaking & I swear to god it leaves me shaking

Late at night till early  in the morning, lying in bed eyes wide open. Didn’t sleep last night, like all  the others, instead I just lie crying in the covers

Quick, wipe away all the  tears before they come near. must hide this depression

& the feelings of fear

For all they know  I’m happy & always smiling, but deep inside my soul is dying

I can feel  it rotting, it wants to scream, but I won’t let it… not for the time  being

I can never tell them how I feel cause the happiness I wear to them is  real

For them to hear that I wish I was dead… it would kill them, they’d be  filled with dread

So I’ll try my best no to be selfish, I’ll keep my secret  hidden & just let them rest

but god I can’t take it much longer… I’ll  probably be dead before they even wonder.

14 responses to I’ll keep it hidden

  1. stay strongg<3 it'll turn out okay!

  2. its a deep poem, it comes from the soul

  3. it’s beauty. truth coming from the heart.
    you are already so much stronger than you know!
    just keep smiling. don’t give in to the terrible.

  4. Thank you Ronnie….

  5. this was REALLY good. i wish you the best of luck in all your decisions. stay up and stay strong, always. and remember, never give up. <3

  6. i’ve felt like this too, an i did try an take my own life. my family found out an it crushed them. i guess all i have to say is you have to hit rock bottom before you can pick yourself up an i did. just be strong an take your frustration out on other things but not your self because dont forget what will your family feel like if one day your there happy an the next your gone. it will kill them, <3.

  7. Woaah this is deep stuff !!
    I really like it 😀
    I love how you express your emotions
    Stay Strong girl!! <3

  8. wow….amazingly deep! Stay Strong beautiful<3 I love it

  9. this poem touched my heart…it was so deep,stay strong it will be okay <3 xx

  10. omg!! this is so deep, tru, sad, and heartbreaking all in one i kno exactly what you mean. but stay strong you can do it soon it will all be completly over. you can do it and in the words of justin bieber “NEVER SAY NEVER”

  11. you did not just quot Justin Bieber?! wow!

  12. this poem is amazing .

  13. Love this poem, It is so true, got to keep those demons hidden before they do something unforgivable 🙁

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