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Why? Why do I feel so gone? I am now so distant I just don’t belong. Now I’m  ripped away from existence. I’ve become so transparent that I lost all  substance. Sitting nowhere, breathing fake air. We don’t feel anymore, so we  can’t care. Its about time I clear my throat. Let the hellish screams out till I  begin to float. I’d run a million miles from here, just to get out of this cage and escape from fear. You know you’re screwed when you  crave pain, you wanna bleed all throughout your brain. The blood in my veins is  proof of life. I’m not sure if its there, so I reveal it with a knife. Not me  any more, don’t know myself. Prisoner in my own skin, I no longer comprehend  health. It’s all in the family they used to say. It’s all in the family so it  must be ok. They hurt , they slash and tear her, they kill and  torture, they love the terror. We are our own army so lets retaliate. Fight,  destroy, show them real hate. Look at the fire in her eyes. That roaring beast  never hides. She lost all she ever had. Blood seeps through her skin cause it  hurts so bad. Her shattered heart pounds against her breast, scattered pieces  cutting holes in her chest. Slowly she fades as she quickly she drowns. Covered  in guilt, sequestered from sounds. Tilting on the edge, about to fall off. Her  mind is so lacerated it has become leathery and soft. The cuts on her wrist doesnt mean she wants to Die they just prove she is ALIVE!

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  1. this almost made me cry. you are a really great poet and i mean that. its really beautiful. i hope with what ever is going on in your life i really hope you know your not alone though.

  2. Emmalie, thanks so much for contributing to this site the way that you do. You’re very talented and your passion always shows in your writing. I’m glad you came back to this site after you left for a while and hope that you’ll continue to inspire, support and guide everyone in the way that you do.

  3. This is so beautiful. You are so not alone on this. I just wanna let you know that I’m with you on this.

  4. Awe thanks you guys! I wrote this awhile ago and found it the other day and wanted to put it up.

  5. This is soo deep! I really like it!

  6. I can’t even explain what was going through my head when I read this. I just feel you pain, and you’re not alone.

  7. When i read this it brought tears to my eyes because i felt like you were reading my whole lifew back to me your a great writter. 🙂

  8. You are a very talented poet! And that poem was very beautiful! I hope you get thru whatever you are going thru, because all life is precious and beautiful.. God has a plan for us all 🙂 Never give up hope <3

  9. I like it, vary beautiful <3

  10. Its a very Emotional piece that i can relate too. I loved it

  11. This is one of the most inspring poems I’ve ever gotten a chance to read. You can almost feel the emotions that were spewing out as you wrote this. Though I don’t think its about anyone in particular but it feels like its about me in a way. I’m a writer and I can honestly say that I’ve fallen in love with this poem.

  12. This is so good. I liked the poem the phrases used and modulated. It is very real and simply loved it. Hope you will continue such kind of poems in future.

  13. If you ever wanna talk.. please feel free to join my page i will be more then welcome to help you and give advice.. and it is very confidential

  14. I love this!

  15. this is excatly how i feel all the time. ive never been able to put it into words but you did and its beautiful

  16. Being able to read that and make sense of everything everyone feels is amazing… so good

  17. this is really great. it feels like your words are expressing what i feel inside too.

  18. wow this is amazing you are so deep. keep it up 🙂

  19. You’re an amazing writer. I want you to know that you are not alone. Take this site as a place to vent and think of these people as your family. Stay strong and find something safe that makes you smile. You can always message me if you need to talk or need advice. <3

  20. this is really nice. You can write. look forward to more.

  21. you’re not alone + it was very emotinal 🙁

  22. Oh, this was so beautiful (:

  23. I agree with this 100 percent. That was beautiful!

  24. it was so emotional, don’t give up i know what your feeling , if you need to talk someone i’ll be here . <3

  25. This was so heart filling it touched me and it made me think of so many thinks its was so beautiful and meaning full and I loved it 🙂

  26. this is just awesome I love it 🙂

  27. AWE thank you all for your beautiful comments it means the world to me! I am proud to say I am over 2months self-harm free and doing great!

  28. It was nice. I like it.

  29. I envy how you can take all that you feel and put it into a piece of artwork. It’s beautiful.

  30. You are an amazing writing ! I feel your pain . You are not alone at all . I felt like I can relate . I know exactly what this poem means . You’re amazing !

  31. Ella said on May 21, 2013

    The begin of this sounds like song lyrics it could be a great song…

  32. Macy said on May 23, 2013

    I just want to say that this is very touching. I feel like i’m completely gone sometimes. Like i’m in another world. It’s crazy. If you ever need anything or just an ear to listen, i’m always open 🙂

  33. That was just so amazing!

  34. OMG soooooo deep!

  35. i love your style of writing keep it up 🙂

  36. This is sooo deep. I feel like I can relate to it.

  37. You know you’re already invisible when you crave feelings. When you’d even take pain, just to feel something. Just to know that you’re mind is still in earth and not drifting along with the stars in the sky.

  38. I know because i am no body. And im already gone

  39. This is really good…awesome and very deep…you’re an amazing writer

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