The Climb

May 30, 2013 in Poetry, Teen Troubles



Climbing up a mountain, Pulling yourself higher and higher.  Out of the pit of misery. Things seem to look brighter. Grass is growing, Birds are singing, And the sun emerges from the clouds. Then you start to slip, To lose your grasp, And down you fall. Not quite to the bottom, Just teetering on a ledge, Could you go over at any moment

Have you the strength to climb again? The pain of your cut soul Burns like a fire, The anger, hurt and frustration Come flooding back into your mind. The fight for survival starts again. Overcome the fear, Search for the holds, Rely on the support from before. I know it’s going to be difficult, But you did it once, You can do it again. Remember, you’re not the only one – Out there are other climbers Fighting their own battles, Searching their own soul And conquering their own mountains.

27 responses to The Climb

  1. It’s a wonderful poem , And it relates to Most teens

  2. It’s a wonderful poem

  3. I love this sooooooooo much

  4. E said on July 24, 2014


  5. I absolutely love this. its amazing.

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  7. Wow, I love this! It’s completely relatable and understandable.

  8. <3 pure love. Just what I needed.

  9. absolutely beautiful

  10. I can relate to this very well, so I enjoyed reading this.

  11. Perfection <3

  12. I found it powerful. INSPIRING if you will.

  13. thank you for making this it has helped me so much .:)

  14. this one is awesome….:D
    love it.

    i like the style of writing….:)

  15. Sab said on May 1, 2015

    Very inspiring!!!!!!!

  16. I guess only a teen can understand the true meaning of this poem!

  17. Absolutely relatable.

  18. i love this <3

  19. This is really amazing. I wish I could write as good as you. Totally relatable.

  20. We all have mountains…it doesn’t matter how tall the mountain is, it matters how many times you can conquer it. This is beautiful

  21. This is so touching. It pulls on my heart strings

  22. I think you’re an amazing writer!!

  23. You want to know something ? This poem was great. I actually felt something reading this. As if I were in the shows of the character 🤔 Or maybe in some sort of way i can honestly relate. This is great. It’s deep and that’s what gets me. I love deep poetry things that you can feel. I read this many of times today and each time I read it. I find deeper meaning to each sentence. I think this is great you should keep this up. You are blessed with a great talent.

  24. May God Bless you always

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