by Jules

And so it begins again…

May 17, 2013 in My Blog

Here I am seizing the last few days before I have to start school once again. Summer is fun while it lasts and I agree that one summer can change a person. The rainy days are starting and I can’t do anything about the fact that school will be starting soon. June 3 is our first day. Can you believe that?? I don’t know why we have to start so early… I’m going to enter Senior year already and just thinking about it stresses me even more. I know I’m being bitter about all of this. Can you blame me if I don’t want to go back to a hellhole where alot of judge mental jerks are lurking around?

I just don’t want to go back to a school where I see the same old faces, having them to gossip about the latest couple break-ups or the new cute student entering school this year. The reason why I put up with that school is because of the good grades that I’m getting. Believe me I’m not a great student. I even forget doing some of my projects yet my grades never really fail. I know all of the teachers and I guess I have the “Good girl” kind of reputation. Ha, if they only knew.

I’m sick and tired of trying to be someone I’m not just to please people. Well, it’s definitely going to be different this year. It’s my last year in high school and I want this year to be a kickass. I’m definitely not looking for drama. But it’s high school so drama is unavoidable. I just want a fresh start and I’m going to study harder for college.

I’ll definitely miss summer. I miss the time I spend in beaches, pools, vacation houses and the nights when I can just stay up until morning. The only dark side of my summer is having to babysit for my 4 yr old cousin who throws a tantrum every two seconds.

Goodbye summer and goodbye to all the fun times. I guess summer is just starting in other places and they’re so lucky.

Hello new school year and hello to the fake girls who’ll be greeting me as soon as I enter the campus. The only thing I look forward to is seeing my best friend, Faye.

Goodluck to me and to this WONDERFUL school year (gotta stay positive, right?) and I hope I can survive it.

That’s all for now. (:


by Jules

April 14, 2013 in My Blog

It’s been a while since I last paused to think and reflect. And it’s been a while since life was way too easy for me. I guess life hit me like a cold water splashed on my face, waking me up into reality. I’ve always been that easy-going kind of girl in everything that I do. Everything was always easy for me to handle. And now in my present, I am learning on how to face a lot of difficulties that I encounter as an incoming Senior next school year.

Right now, every possibilities that I can come up with clouds up my mind. I’m too stuck up on worrying about my future. I’m not worried about how my so-called friends in school doesn’t even bother to contact me anymore during their summer vacation. I’m not worried about my ex who’s moving on faster to every whore that he could find. And I’m not worried about the fact that some of my relatives thinks that I’m a disgrace to the family just because I’m not an honor student, an amazing cheer dancer, math honor just like my cousins.

I know I’m not an amazing person and I’m pretty sure that my confidence level already sunk on to level 0. I’m thankful to my forever loyal guy best friend, MJ. We met in my previous high school when I was a freshmen and we never lost contact even after two years. We always find time to meet each other, he would always text me and ask If im doing fine. He still manages to make time for me even though he’s busy with his girlfriend and school works. He’s the kind of best friend a girl could ever ask for.

So the future… it seems like a scary world for me. I guess I’m going to write another entry soon. I’m just going to clear off my mind a little bit and maybe get some fresh air.


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