by Jasmine

All the Possibilities

July 20, 2015 in My Blog

skyMan, this is a good one. This is a real one. She has so many sides to her that I want to discover. I want to explore her mind and become a part of it. There’s so much to her I have yet to learn. I want to go on a journey with this one. This would just be one of the many possibilities. This one possibility being:

She captures my heart and I get to tell her how great my love is for her every day. The sun will light up my room and wash away all excitement of the night before. It will be calm, and  she will be beside me. I’ll roll over to see the rays of sunlight inch across her skin. Every minute I’ll spend away from her will become a longing for her presence. Each minute in her presence becomes a blessing. She’ll be my Heaven.

We’ll spend awesome summer nights together, and have long lazy days. I’ll never want to leave her. Our families will belong to the both of us. I want to be her biggest supporter and #1 superfan. God, I’d pray that every day is a good day for her. But when it’s not, I’ll be there to hold her and listen. We can go on late night junk food runs when we’re high; cryfests when we’re drunk; and chocolate heaven when it’s that time of the month. Let me be the one she spends these beautiful days with.

And if all this is never meant to be, well I am still so fucking glad she came into my life. There are still so many possibilities for us in store… and I will cherish whatever we become.

by Jasmine

(Response) MARIA BELLO “Whatever… Love is Love”

June 16, 2015 in My Blog

I had been walking up and down the aisles at Barnes and Nobles hoping to come across something LGBT+ related for a good read this summer. After giving up with the fiction and YA stories, I decide to search through the self-improvement shelves. I found a billion titles related to relieving stress and twice as many about happiness in general. I found myself laughing at relationship help book titles such as, Why Do Men Marry Bitches? and Relationships for Dummies. My eyes are drawn to a little white book with the title in blue bold letters: LOVE IS LOVE. Underneath it reads, “Questioning the labels we give ourselves.” Perfect. This may be the book I was looking for.

In Whatever… Love is Love, actress and writer, Maria Bello explores the many labels we use to create our identities. She says, regarding her intentions of writing the book, “This book is about questions, rather than answers.” (7) Bello presents many questions for the reader to think about. She explains these questions and different interpretations, along with her own response to the prompt. I realized a few chapters in that this was not the kind of book I can read a few pages of and then just put down. This was something that actively drew me in and involved my own thoughts. Here, I will be sharing my responses to Bello’s self-exploration questions.


“The label of ‘partner’ as only your sexual partner is outdated. An updated label of a partner might be anyone who is significant to you in some fundamental way.” (Bello 16)

When I think partner, I think of some of my close friends. My friends play different roles in my life. One is like a sister to me, one is like a mother, and some others are there strictly for fun. They are partners for different activities. My sister is my partner in my household. We are bound together by blood and live under the same roof with the same people raising us. Seeing as how I am currently not romantically involved with anyone, I do not have a romantic partner. However, all the “partnerships” I do have come from one common thread: love. I see teachers as my partners in education, and my classmates are my partners in crime (helping one another get away with brilliantly stupid things, doing the minimal requirements on assignments, and butchering the pig dissection lab). Everyone who inspires me, encourages me, or helps me is a significant part of my life. These are the people whom I cannot live the same without. These are partners.


“If you look beneath the surface of most religions, you will find a common thread. That thread is kindness and compassion.” (29)

In this section, Bello describes her views on religion and the labels that separate beliefs. One of my favorite quotes from this section is: “The parables and concept contained in the teachings of Jesus Christ, about loving your neighbors as yourself, were the things I knew in my heart to be true.” After receiving over 16 years of Christian education, I have come to the conclusion that there will never be any solid answers simply because we are human and incapable of fully grasping what is beyond us. So as a human, I want to do my best to live according to what I CAN understand. I like this quote because any person, regardless of their background, can agree that loving your neighbor as yourself is a pretty sound teaching. I also enjoy the teachings of Buddha and there are even little Buddha statues around my home. Would one label me Buddhist? I believe there was a man named Jesus who died on the cross and taught his disciples to spread God’s love to the nations. Does this make me a Christian? I also believe that nothing is known for sure… so am I agnostic?I chose not to conform to or accept any label that will confine me religious rules and boundaries.

I find that all things good come from love. I hold the Biblical principle to “do all things in love” in a very special place in my heart. I find freedom in serving. This has always been my favorite expression of love, and what I believe to be my purpose. Father Ray taught Bello, “…you serve best by doing the thing you love most.” Overall, I try my best to live by this: good morals and an open mind. There is no need to argue who is right or wrong, or spend an excessive amount of time pondering it. Just live the best life you can live with good morals. Keep your mind open all the time. What does this mean exactly? It means be ready and willing to learn! Ask good questions and respect other people’s beliefs. That’s it. Wrap your good morals and open mind in love and that is the recipe to my spirituality. No label or religion required.


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