All the Possibilities

July 20, 2015 in My Blog

skyMan, this is a good one. This is a real one. She has so many sides to her that I want to discover. I want to explore her mind and become a part of it. There’s so much to her I have yet to learn. I want to go on a journey with this one. This would just be one of the many possibilities. This one possibility being:

She captures my heart and I get to tell her how great my love is for her every day. The sun will light up my room and wash away all excitement of the night before. It will be calm, and  she will be beside me. I’ll roll over to see the rays of sunlight inch across her skin. Every minute I’ll spend away from her will become a longing for her presence. Each minute in her presence becomes a blessing. She’ll be my Heaven.

We’ll spend awesome summer nights together, and have long lazy days. I’ll never want to leave her. Our families will belong to the both of us. I want to be her biggest supporter and #1 superfan. God, I’d pray that every day is a good day for her. But when it’s not, I’ll be there to hold her and listen. We can go on late night junk food runs when we’re high; cryfests when we’re drunk; and chocolate heaven when it’s that time of the month. Let me be the one she spends these beautiful days with.

And if all this is never meant to be, well I am still so fucking glad she came into my life. There are still so many possibilities for us in store… and I will cherish whatever we become.

4 responses to All the Possibilities

  1. Liz said on July 30, 2015

    omg i love this. it’s so beautiful how u can love someone so much

  2. I love that you can feel that what you feel is real. It’s really touching and I wish you all the best.

  3. all the best!!

  4. im so happy for you!!!!!!! And i cant wait for you to enjoy ur journeys!!!!!!

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