by Kaitlin

Nothing is important and everything is important.

June 5, 2015 in My Blog

Sometimes no one understands. Sometimes you can’t understand why your the way you are. It’s hard. It’s hard living a way to not be the best you can be.

I had time to be alone. I hate being alone because I think. I feel. Waiting to leave and doing the things I love but it’s hard to do that when there isn’t much to do. ya know?


I sent my father a letter.. – letting him know im done having him in my life. If you followed my other posts you would know I don’t have a relationship with him not  that much, But I realize that I need ONLY GOOD people in my life. I’m tired of having that manipulated feeling and my past that haunts me.

If I don’t want them in my life then I shouldn’t have to have them. Right?

You can only control your own life. Nothing is important and everything is important all at the same time….

I will never be the same.

I don’t know what else to say…


by Kaitlin

Savannah and My New Life

May 30, 2015 in My Blog

Hey People:

Sorry for not being on here in awhile. Wow it has been a while. I’ve been trying to do things on my own and being the best I can be. But ya know, we all have problems. right?..

SO new things.- My one and only cat died two weeks ago. And yes I know what some people will say ” wow she is crazy for her dead cat” and no I am just doing fine with that but I wanted to talk about the before.

I had this Cat for about 5/6 years. Hard to tell – : But her name was Savannah. Anyway since we moved she had to stay with my boyfriend’s family for about 2 1/2 years since once we moved with my grandparents-> they didnt want her….

But then recently after the two and half my boyfriend’s parents said they were pretty much done with her. Wasn’t because she was bad or anything they just stopped wanting her.. BUT I had no where else to take her. This time in my life was really hard and difficult because i was really mad at my boyfriend’s parents and irrritated. We also found out that my cat wasn’t feeling well and getting sick.

We took her to get her shaved every 6 months since her personality seemed better when she was shaved. (OH forgot to mention she was a Himalayan cat)  So when she was shaved the last time, the lady who normally did it was a nurse and she mentioned how Savannah’s hair seemed different and her skin was in bad shape. Savannah lost so much weight and you could tell she was just skin and bones… Her teeth were rotting and no matter what she was going down hill. When we took her to vet she weight 5.5 pounds. We found out she had her thyroid problem. Its where she looses weight and her thyroid ins’t helping her gain anything she eats.

We had special medicine, special food and constant checking on her.

My family thought a lot about this and it took awhile but we decided to move. She was one of the reasons since now we could be there for her all of the day instead of part of the day. Another reason my brother wanted to go to a different high school that he was assigned to. ALSO big reason: we were already to move out of the grandparents house and into something we can call our own. SO within two months of living here my one and only cat Savannah lost more weight than before and stopped eating. She layed there waiting for everyone to come home on a Sunday night and went peacefully, it was really sad but she was in pain and i’m glad I called her mine.

Sorry for the sad story——– But Just wanted to let ya know the reasoning behind it all.



So when we moved i moved in with my BOYFRIEND. It is my mom, brother, boyfriend and roommate(my mom’s best friend).

SO 5 people. But honestly this house is roomy and there is plenty of room for all of us. I love it.

I am glad that I can see my boyfriend every single night. It is the next step into our relationship. Its all going well and we are at 3 and a half years.

4 year is coming in October!  Also I just had a birthday, May 20th. I turned 21!!! 🙂 Just to let ya know. Thanks!

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