I’m back

September 2, 2015 in My Blog

Alright so as usual i’m really sorry for not posting for so long but 1. my laptop was screwed up and 2. I was having a moment and couldn’t remember my password so there was that to. So anyway this summers been interesting, and well a lot of changes have happened, for example my mom told me that this summer Tim was not supposed to be at my house everyday and hes currently deciding whether or not hes moving in so there’s that. and along with that I’ve yet again been reminded why my fathers a child and doesn’t deserve my attention, but that’s not really my story so i’m not going to get into to much about that. Also i think i mentioned that i moved in to my brothers dads house awhile ago so another thing that’s changing is that i’m moving in October or early November cause my cousin Steve moved in with us so now that George and Tuesha (my little brothers dad and his girlfriend are moving back into the house we would have 7 people in the house and sometimes 9 when Caleb and Jayden come over for weekends with their dad. Trust me when I say this house is not big enough for nine people, so moving is literally the best option. So aside from the fact the the house is a bit crowded and my father needs to be reminded where he stands with me things have been good, and besides a few small things there’s been no drama which almost never happens so that’s been awesome. Oh and just to clarify I’m obviously no longer grounded, but just figured i’d clarify as my last post I was,but that’s really all that’s happened this summer, its been kind of quiet as far as interesting things and things I can explain go. So as usual im gonna say i’ll try to post more but in reality that never actually happens so i’ll post when ever i have time.

Still grounded and rumors

January 16, 2015 in My Blog

Alright so as those who read my blog know i’m grounded because I “ran away” to the devils punch bowl with my boyfriend Tim (who’s the guy in my avatar btw for those who wanted to know what he looks like) and lying to her about it, so yes I am still grounded but only until Wednesday… it was supposed to be Monday… but i went to Tim’s on Wednesday for a couple hours even tho I was grounded so my mom extended it until Wednesday cause you know that’s such a punishment seeing as I got what I wanted anyway, so there’s that update now on to newer topics so recently I’ve been spending a lot of time with this kid Drew who happens to be a guy, anyway so Drew is one of Tims bestfriends and basically the only one of his friends I dont wanna throw a chair at after ten minuets of chilling so I decided why not get close with one of his friends cause theres nothing wrong with that… so now that me and drew are pretty close and have been hanging out in school a lot theres this new rumor that apparently me and him are screwing arond….. yeah cause apparently a girl cant hangout with one of her boyfriends bestfriends without him and not be cheating…. can some one please explain this logic to me, like their bestfriends and I love Tim more then anything so why in the hell would i screw around with one of his bestfriends who by the way is in a thing with one of my bestfriends… so i really dont think thats a thing … cause I know Drew wouldnt do that to caseey or tim and i wouldnt either… but seriously this happens to me all the time, everytime I get close to a guy thats not Tim or my bestfriend Jessie people start rumors that im screwing around like the hell…. can we just remember the fact that i’ve been with tim for two years and a bit now like COME ON!!!! the last thing im gonna do is go screw around especially with one of his boys like really, what i find amusing about this tho is that apparently it was one of my friends that started this rumor by saying that he had noticed that me and Drew were getting closer and that he thought there was “something going on” like really 1.this kids supposed to be my friend and 2. apparently he doesnt have the balls to come talk to me about it… so im gonna have to re-evaluate my friend circle…. come tot think about it i’ve been spending more time with Tims friends then i have my own.. like yeah lil tay and tyler are my friends to but i dont really chill with them and since school started back up ive been with them and drew like everyday all day but whatever i guess im just done with the bullshit that happens with my girls… i mean  i havent really talked to Corynn much but thats cause shes with Brandon her boyfriend and i totally get it their a new relationship and i was the same way when me and tim first got together it was just the two of us and i didnt want other people so i get it… but like Caseey and Astra… their both just drama like everytime we talk theres a new issue and im over it… like i dont have time for that shit anymore.. which is why i hang out with guys because theres no drama and its easier… although apparently i now have to deal with rumors which is a whatever because I know its not true and Tim knows its not true  and thats really all that matters. so thats whats new with me… bye 😛

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