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September 2, 2015 in My Blog

Alright so as usual i’m really sorry for not posting for so long but 1. my laptop was screwed up and 2. I was having a moment and couldn’t remember my password so there was that to. So anyway this summers been interesting, and well a lot of changes have happened, for example my mom told me that this summer Tim was not supposed to be at my house everyday and hes currently deciding whether or not hes moving in so there’s that. and along with that I’ve yet again been reminded why my fathers a child and doesn’t deserve my attention, but that’s not really my story so i’m not going to get into to much about that. Also i think i mentioned that i moved in to my brothers dads house awhile ago so another thing that’s changing is that i’m moving in October or early November cause my cousin Steve moved in with us so now that George and Tuesha (my little brothers dad and his girlfriend are moving back into the house we would have 7 people in the house and sometimes 9 when Caleb and Jayden come over for weekends with their dad. Trust me when I say this house is not big enough for nine people, so moving is literally the best option. So aside from the fact the the house is a bit crowded and my father needs to be reminded where he stands with me things have been good, and besides a few small things there’s been no drama which almost never happens so that’s been awesome. Oh and just to clarify I’m obviously no longer grounded, but just figured i’d clarify as my last post I was,but that’s really all that’s happened this summer, its been kind of quiet as far as interesting things and things I can explain go. So as usual im gonna say i’ll try to post more but in reality that never actually happens so i’ll post when ever i have time.

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