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    In reply to: MysteriousMe wrote a new post, My Love, on the site Speak Your Mind  I am an impatient person but I am patient with you. I am a cruel person to those that did me wrong, but not with you. I am not forgiving b […] View

    this is so beautiful it speaks truly from the heart

  • today is my boyfriend birthday and i was so scared to get around him bc me and his friend don’t like each each other and i didn’t wanna ruin it so i been distancing my self all week but i felt so bad about being that way i been a horrible gf but he like he understand but idk how to handle all his friend are girls

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  • @keepingtomyself7 you have a lot going in your life it seem like but u still take the time out to comment and cheer other people up your are a truly good person

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    ik how u feel i went through the same thing and it so hard to stay strong and it been years since my parents divorces

  • i really just need someone i can talk to who don’t know me so they will tell me the truth and help me out

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  • ok so I’ve never talked to anyone about things that goes on in my life and I’m new at all this but there’s so much that I have kept inside me I had to find a way to let it out so here it go ever since I was six when my parents got divorced my life has been horrible. I watched my dad throw him life away with drugs and now he say its my fault. I’ve…[Read more]

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