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    Hi Guys! I had forgotten about this site for a LONG time, and I just wanted to type, so I’m just going to write. Nobody has to read it, respond or comment, I just want to push buttons on the computer. Computer buttons make such a soothing sound when somebody types on it. I could probably fall asleep to the noise. My cousin just had 5 puppies, and…[Read more]

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    My hair style is fun to do, because it’s so easy. A french braid is the easiest most basic pretty braid there is, beside the triple braid. For the triple braid, you separate your hair into three sections, and then you braid those braids together, it looks like it looks really good for making thin hair look thicker, I haven’t tried it yet, but…[Read more]

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    Hi Hannah! So glad to have you in the group! I JUST joined, so maybe we can be friends?
    Speed Stats: Favorite Color: Violet; Favorite Animal: all of them; First pet: Saint Bernard (By the way if anyone else has a Saint Bernard pet of their own, Friend me!)
    And just an FYI, ANYONE can friend me if they want to.
    I would love to hear all of…[Read more]

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    I was going to have a blog, but then I suddenly realized I have nothing interesting that I would even BLOG about!

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    I saw it in my dream last night, I felt like I was really in love, even though I KNEW it was a dream😆. And anyway, here is what my dream was….
    Caution: May contain weird content
    We were all outside of my house and there was this one boy that was…[Read more]

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    In reply to: shyanne posted an update soooooo , how do I begin well I am dealing with internal conflict right now many teens I guess could under stand that. its okay if you don’t its a wonderfull thing thatb you don’t but I […] View

    Your first meaningful post… hmmm. How about a book that the people reading get to write along with?
    i.e. I just woke up at 5:00 A.M. on a Saturday morning, which is not a normal happening, and at that instant I knew that day would be special. I had to get dressed, brushed my teeth and my silky black hair, and headed out the door under the cover…[Read more]

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    In reply to: Taylor Berry posted an update I have received great advice, and I pledge to follow. I’m done with the heartbreak, and the heartaches. I promise myself, to work hard in school to achieve great. Recently, I toured […] View

    I am so glad you aren’t letting boys control your life! And that you are so determined, yet are willing to follow the Lord.
    Keep going girl!!!

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    This is my third day writing in my digital diary, and so far, every day I’ve been fairly happy!
    But this time I have a question, is it weird that I want to have my period? I haven’t started mine yet, so I am pretty excited, yet scared. I want to try a tampon for the first time, I know people don’t say, “Having a period is so much fun! I wish I…[Read more]

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    In reply to: Just A Girl with a dream posted an update Omfg my mama always blaming shit on me. Yesterday day we was at the house getting ready to leave and she left something in the house and blame me for it talking about u […] View

    You don’t need cuss words in this. I know you are angry but you can use other words besides cuss words.

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    I decided to write whenever is possible, so I will try to write every day. I wanted to say some things about myself.
    1.) I go to church regularly twice every week, to Wednesday church and 2 times on Sunday.
    2.) I LOVE art, whether it’s doodling, drawing animals, to sketching realistic eyes and more!
    3.) My…[Read more]

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    In reply to: Tina posted an update Hey Guys I’m back! Bootcamp over with and I’m going through school for the job I’m going to be doing. I’m glad what I’ve accomplished. But I have a question… Is it good to be a […] View

    I would say it is good that you are, if you weren’t a virgin, you wouldn’t be pure anymore, and the person that you end up marrying won’t have ALL of your love and purity, only the love that is left, and you don’t want your husband to just have 2/3 of you you want him to have the whole of you.

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    I want to finally just have a crush on someone who also has a crush on me! I thought I had found my person, but now I’m not so sure. I have an interest in art, and so does he, but now we are just friends in my mind, I have tried to get over him, but whenever I am around him I start fiddling with my hair and rocking nervously back and forth, when…[Read more]

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