• I have received great advice, and I pledge to follow. I’m done with the heartbreak, and the heartaches. I promise myself, to work hard in school to achieve great. Recently, I toured the college of my dreams, and nothing is going to stop me from attending. I haven’t broken up with my boyfriend, mainly because he barely likes to respond, so whenever…[Read more]

    Mood : Invincible
  • My boyfriend and I have been dating for four years, and although it’s supposed to sound so special to me, it doesn’t. Our relationship has been nothing but silence. Our relationship i more blank than a blank sheet of paper. Our relationship is more thin than air, there’s nothing there. Not anymore. In the past, it was better than what it is now,…[Read more]

    Mood : Confused
  • I hate school! I used to like it but now…I don’t. I have panic attacks because of it. I want to cry and scream. But I will try hard. I need to get into Vanderbilt. There should be a place for all high school teens to cry about school. This stresses me out. I’m on blocked schedule, and yeah you get to complete your homework during study hall, but…[Read more]

    Mood : Stressed
  • Wow, I haven’t done anything on here for a while. Well, right now I am on my Chorus Spring break trip. We were supposed to go to states but then our chorus director (ahem…John Luffred) decided to cancel. So now we decided to go to Disney Springs and then Islands of Adventure. And I feel so alone. I can be in a room with a thousand people, and I…[Read more]

    Mood : Annoyed
  • Taylor Berry posted an update 2 years ago

    How do I say this without being mean? I hate fake ass bitches. And I’m sitting with one right now. Lord help me.

    Mood : Aggravated
  • Taylor Berry posted an update 2 years ago

    I love the mornings but only when I am not going to school. Who’s with me?

    Mood : Tired
  • Taylor Berry posted an update 2 years ago

    school has been so stressful for me. What I would really like to do is to drive and just keep driving and not look back. Maybe stop places like the gas station or the beach, or a park. But I just want to take a drive and scream at the same time. Through rain, sun, or thunder and lightnening. I’ll drive. I just want to make a GREAT ESCAPE!!!

    Mood : Indescribable
  • Taylor Berry posted a new activity comment 2 years ago

    In reply to: Megan Smith posted an update Tonight my 2 best friends and I are going to a local cafe for an open mic poetry reading. And I’m so excited, I haven’t been to one since I graduated last year. And I’m still trying to […] View

    Hey, knock ’em dead. The poems are what you feel, they can’t judge how you feel. So, go!

  • Taylor Berry posted an update 2 years ago

    So I came home and I asked my mom if she can check out this thing in my room, my ceiling fan fell down. But she told me that she was tired. I don’t know why because she doesn’t work. Her job is to shop for her. But I’m like BITCH I’m tired too. Tired of your bull shit.

    Mood : Tired
  • Taylor Berry posted an update 2 years ago

    I don’t know why I have this massive headache. Anyways, I can’t help but think that my boyfriend may forget my birthday, I asked for his birthday, because I forgot, so I asked when it was a two weeks before, and as soon as his birthday hit I wished him a happy birthday. But I’m afraid he’s going to forget and if I bring it up to him, I don’t want…[Read more]

    Mood : Anxious
  • Taylor Berry posted an update 2 years ago

    I don’t know why but I am depressed. I think it’s because of my parents. All this pressure they are putting on me does not help. I want to escape but I feel trapped. I feel like a big disappointment to them. My dad used to be my hero, but now he isn’t. I cry every time I go to bed just to make it feel better, but it doesn’t. I’m scared that when I…[Read more]

    Mood : Afraid
  • My eyes were finally open! I can’t have a bad day…UNLESS…I make it a bad day. For example, I was absent at school one day and I missed this huge project. I had to pick the person I want and become them. I had to choose someone who was a part of the Antebellum Reform. I chose Emma Willard, it was easy but I did not feel like doing it. Well, I…[Read more]

    Mood : Happy
  • I have never had an anxiety attack. But junior year is forcing me to have one. My school has a blocked schedule thinking it will make it better, but it doesn’t. GRRRRRRRR!

    Mood : Anxious
  • On the outside, I have always portrayed myself as an elegant, poised, sophisticated, compassionate, pure young woman. But what happens when the outside of me takes over? What will people see me as? Will their thoughts about me change? Will they think ill of me? Will they still think of me as that elegant, poised, sophisticate, compassionate, and…[Read more]

    Mood : Mischievous
  • Even though I went to bed late, I feel great in the morning. I don’t have my iPod which I usually dread if I don’t have it, but I’m not energetic but happy and calm.

    Mood : Happy
  • One thing that I hate is being horny. Seriously, I hate having hormones. One minute I am happy and watching TV, the next I’m in bed pinching my nipples. I’m just being straight up. I know I’m not the only one out there.

    Mood : Annoyed
  • My pastor told me that God’s purpose for me is not to go to school. Cool, but can he or God come and tell my parents that? Seriously, Junior year is the hardest year and I feel like passing out. I am glad that we have weekends where I can just take a break. I found out that I got a 40% on my APUSH test. Bit of advice for people taking that class,…[Read more]

    Mood : Angry
  • What has happened to Disney Channel? Back when I a little girl, I looked forward to watching Disney, I wasn’t ashamed of watching Disney Shows like, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers, That’s so Raven, The Replacements, Even Stevens, Phil of the Future, Phineas and Ferb, Kim Possible, Cory in the House, Sonny with a Chance, and even As the Bell ring. I loved…[Read more]

    Mood : Disappointed
  • I am surprised that I don’t have grey hair yet. Considering the amount of homework I have to do. And even if it isn’t that much, it takes so long to do it. I haven’t even worked on my English 3 honors work. Lord help me.

    Mood : Exhausted
  • Why do some guys disrespect girls? I mean how would they feel if we disrespect them the same way? Smack their ass, whistle when they walk, say that I want to use them then ditch them? How would they feel? I mean where are the real gentlemen?

    Mood : Ashamed
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