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    Shay - "I don’t understand. How can I go from feeling so depressed one day to feeling so happy and full of life the next. It doesn’t make any sense. I’m so confused"View
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    Alli - "New song. Found by: me Alone and locked inside A room where no one can find Me and I’m terrified No place to hide From the demons lurking around Casting their shadows upon the ground Don’t know when I’ll be […]"View
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    Katelin Ruiz - "There’s this boy in my class who’s so creepy where he walks like Robbie Rotten, the Grinch, and pennywise and even laughs like him and he’s so offensive and racist. He makes goat sounds and any other animal sound, […]"View
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    Z - "Hello, My name is Zahra, I am 17 years old almost 18. I will be writing about my life. Some teens may relate to this some may not. I will be writing about insecurities, friends, school and relationship. Possibly […]"View
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    DFT-Admin - "Beginning work on the DFT site. Please be patient as I work through some of the upgrades I have planned."View
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