• why am i only into abusive people?? I know that they are shitty ass abusive people… byt thats the reason i like them… i want to puke… but i cant… because puking is addictive… and im just recovering… i want to puke and cry and scream… i want to cut in small noticeable places just so i can feel alive… i want to fuck someone just to…[Read more]

    Mood : Depressed
  • ive always believed in the supernatural and card readings and that type of thing. so the other day without my knowing he did a card reading for me, this was about two weeks ago keep in mind, and it said a big secret was gonna come out. i tell my him everything he knows all my secrets and i know his. that’s just how we are with each other. the…[Read more]

    Mood : Anxious
  • im so confused… there is this guy in my class and we have sort of been flirting for a while, and now i get this weird feeling when i see him and i get really nervous… and i dont know what is happening between us…

    Mood : Confused
  • why do i still think of him… it was supposed to be a one time thing, no stings attached… ive been with other people since then. but i dont even give them a second thought, im always drawn back to him. we dont talk anymore, and he even moved out of the state without telling me. we havent talked since july and i dont plan o talking to him… i…[Read more]

    Mood : Alone
  • he broke up with me because I didn’t want to have skype sex…

    Mood : Bewildered
  • both my grandma and my boyfriend have cancer… my grandmas is curable, my boyfriends isn’t…

    Mood : Depressed
  • I’m not suicidal, I don’t think I will ever kill myself, but if I had a chance to die without killing myself… I don’t think I would turn it down…

    Mood : Depressed
  • so… I no longer have a boyfriend. which is a good thing, but I feel like he was one of the few people that cared about me…

    Mood : Alone
  • why is everyone in my school so ignorant

    Mood : Bitchy
  • I wish I could be happy, I used to be happy… then I realized she was never coming back… now everything just feels useless…

    Mood : Depressed