• Today I feel like everybody is changing up on me! Today to of my friends was playing around but hurting my feelings at the same time, they were saying how my forehead is to big and talking about my face and that’s my biggest insecurities. Also I hate that people think I am a pushover and I’m not I just don’t like to start any drama! Nd I also…[Read more]

  • Just need time for myself!

  • Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m going to fail in life! I’ve also been worrying that I won’t get a chance to live life to the fullest! Today I found out that my friend don’t have long to live! Nd both of my bestfriend are taking it hard only reason I’m not is because they are closer to him than I am! But it’s hard on me because I got to be str…[Read more]

  • I really don’t want to be loyal no more! It seems like my heart can’t take no more pain!

  • I really just hurt everybody I come incontact with

  • I really need to learn how to be more open! Seems like every time I express my feelings its rare that I am heard .

    Starting to loose hope on everybody

  • So tired of living this life! Like today me and my bestfriend is in an argument because she basically is not getting her way. Every since I told her that I don’t like being around her and her boyfriend when they are together so she got mad at that and every since she told me that me and her are not bestfriends when my boyfriend is around me, the f…[Read more]

    Mood : Annoyed
  • I think I am finna break up with my boyfriend it’s time I can’t go through this hurt and the pain no more it’s over. Someone once told me that u can give over a heart break and once all the bad guys go away there will be a good prince coming your way once a princes always a princes and when the princes find the right person she will finally be a Queen

  • Lately I’ve been feeling worthless!! I lost my bestfriend I am really putting myself back into depression all over again I just wish I was more out going I wish I can change everything about myself tbh 😩

  • Z posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    Hello, My name is Zahra, I am 17 years old almost 18. I will be writing about my life. Some teens may relate to this some may not. I will be writing about insecurities, friends, school and relationship. Possibly other personal things that are going on in my life. :). Im not the best writer im sorry if sometimes I don’t make any sense. I’m not very…[Read more]

    Mood : Blah
  • I really like this boy he started out as my best friend and then we became friends with benefits and I didn’t like him until he said he had feelings for me. It’s like now we go out we can’t tell people because he got too many people that wanna be with him Nd ik he is texting them and ik for sure he is texting his ex that wanna get back with him.…[Read more]

  • My mamma is pissing me all the way off I wish I could run away damn she don’t see how she treat people. If it was up to me I would be some where by myself 😔

  • Stephanie posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    I stopped talking at new year after something bad happened to me. Having suffered from selective mutism I knew if I stopped talking I would find it very hard to start again so I thought I should try talk. I told myself it would be okay and I spoke to a youth worker from my church tonight. I hated myself for it as soon as I did it. I wish I never…[Read more]

    Mood : Angry
  • paradise posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    today i am feeling GREAT,HAPPY,AMAZING,WONDERFUL…

    Mood : Happy
  • How can someone treat there on blood like dirt….

    When I was young my sister got kicked out my grandma house and she had to come back home so my mama made me get out the back room which is the second biggest room in the house. My mama said she was gonna paint the walls and by me some draping that go over your bed long story short she didn’t d…[Read more]

  • I swear nobody freaking cares about me nobody at all!!!

  • Feels like the end of the road!!!!!!!

  • Today was an odd day because I was doing okay and happy but then all of a sudden I got sad then I got depressed and right now I am still depressed I don’t know why but I just can’t take a lot of stuff now. 😭

  • Omg 😮 these last few days have been okay they could get better.
    I was literally so depressed that I didn’t want to live but I have things that gets me out of it sometimes.
    I am just super happy !

  • Ugh life! I’m tired of it I can’t even put my feelings into words no more because I am so confused.

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