• I just kinda want to show how my writing has improved in the last year and seven months.

    I smoke with the boys in the band,
    Prissy boy won’t you hold my hand?
    Pretty boys don’t light their own […]

  • The worst part is you remember everything. You remember my birthday, you remember that tree I would climb leaving you at the bottom because you couldn’t climb as well as me. You remember witch swing I sat on on Halloween night, you can picture the outfit I was wearing perfectly. They say you still remember the taste of my cold lips and the way my hair would fall in front of my eye and you where the only one I would let fix it. They say you never stop staring at the seat next to you as if you expect me to show up sitting on it dangling my legs off and laughing. They say you wear the star on the back of your hand as if it will bring me back. They say they can see your heart breaking every morning when I don’t show up. They say you looks broken when you say my name. They say you cry while you listen to my favorite song we used to sing together but you has lost the heart to sing anymore. They say you pray for me too come home and that they do to. They tell me you curse that the stars because they remind you of me. They say it’s all my fault. They say you cry while you listens to my favorite song, little do they know I cry along. I just can’t find my way home.

  • SiLver Guy wrote a new post, Waiting., on the site Sam Forever 4 years, 4 months ago

    I’m sitting here playing this song that reminds me of you on replay. I’m waiting for an answer I already know as this boy sings me love songs I don’t want to hear telling me to forget about the bridges I burnt […]

  • SiLver Guy wrote a new post, Memories., on the site Sam Forever 4 years, 4 months ago

    The thing that sucks most about losing someone is the little facts left behind. You for some reason still remember that their favorite color was black and you wake up on what should be an average day and you […]

  • Well this post is going to have to do double duty,(Hehe I said duty) it is going to be a letter I wrote a little over a year ago through a site I found.(links at the bottom!)It will also include what I am about […]

  • Your best friend called you up and said you had to meet his girlfriend,
    you felt happy for him.
    He fell asleep in an hour but you stayed for hours taking about absolutely nothing,
    but it felt like everything.
    Honestly you and her talked all day and all night through the summer,
    and it felt like eternity.
    School started again,
    Suddenly it felt like she wasn’t there anymore.
    You heard they broke up and now she had found some new girlfriend,
    And you said it felt like nothing.
    You saw her username on your screen after a year of silence,
    that time it really didn’t feel like anything.
    You started talking again,
    It felt just like it used to.
    She said that girl had been a bitch,
    that she felt like her heart was ripped out.
    You said your girl had been giving you drama,
    and you wanted to rip her heart out.
    You told her you used to be falling for her,
    I felt like you had a heart attack.
    She told you she still was,
    you didn’t even know how to feel.
    You told your girl it was over,
    She felt like shit.
    A week past like it never happened until you asked the girl from last summer out,
    She felt like things were finally going her way.
    You spent the days and nights talking to her,
    It felt just like it was spoussed to.
    You where sitting and talking about nothing until you let the nicotine filled smoke cloud cover the ice blue of your eyes,
    She felt like she was hit in the gut.
    You came and picked her up from school the last couple of days the first and last times you would kiss her,
    She felt like her heart was going to beat right out of her chest.
    She started to lie,
    you started to feel like everything was wrong.
    She ended up in the ER,
    You still felt like you couldn’t stop loving her.
    She didn’t talk for weeks,
    You felt the minutes were on like days.
    You told here you where taking a break,
    She felt like she was broken.
    She apologized again and again,
    you felt like nothing.
    She left in the middle of the night and hit the water in the morning,
    you felt nothing.
    You still don’t know what happened to her,
    but you can feel the silence filling the space your laughter used to fill.

  • Personally I don’t want a guy I lose my words around.
    I want one where the words come up naturally,too much sometimes,
    but he will listen to me ramble anyways.
    I want a guy I don’t have to worry about dressing […]

  • You look straight forward. The sun had only risen a few hours ago but it is already beginning to make you feel uncomfortable in your hoodie, not that that will matter for much longer. You look down at the water. […]

  • SiLver Guy wrote a new post, Ops., on the site Sam Forever 4 years, 8 months ago

    I promised myself I wouldn’t fall in love with you.
    I promised I wouldn’t even crush on you.
    I promised I wouldn’t stare into your eyes without even realizing it.
    I promised I wouldn’t spend late nights talking […]

  • SiLver Guy wrote a new post, Update!, on the site Sam Forever 4 years, 8 months ago

    Figured yalls needed an update so here are important things:
    1: Came out as trans (ftm)
    2: Nerve damage got worse,might be back in a wheel chair soon.
    4: found out guy I have liked forever likes me back.
    3: […]

  • He laughs, his black hair tickling the shocking blue of his eyes. He tells me the scars staining my right thigh are not what make me ugly but what add to my beauty and that he would never tell me a lie. And he […]

  • I stopped seven months ago.He called me,we laughed talking about nothing and everything.He looked me in the eyes and told me he was sorry,he said he needed to tell me something.He tried to speak,not finding the words or maybe he did but he couldn’t say them.He closed his eyes and slid the cigarette through his teeth took a deep breath and my heart stopped as I watched the smoke escape his mouth dancing around his face and clouding the air in front of his ice blue eyes.He asked me again and again “Are you mad at me?”,but all I could say was “I don’t know.I don’t know.”

  • she doesn’t seem to understand how much he means to me,but how could she?How could be understand that my head is full of ticks and fears and insecurities telling me every way I could die and everything that makes […]

  • I am not shaped by your words.I am person!I have thoughts,I feel I think I love,I break hearts and get the same done to me I am not just your punching bag.I am not just that girl who was made to be punched to the […]

  • Hello there,my name is Sam.Everyone hates me,well not everyone.These are my friends,none of us fit in,none of us are normal.Welcome to the island of misfits.

  • I am going to have to make a new acut sence updates wont work at all…..my pick will be chibi batman with pandas my name will be Pancake girl same with my username,brb!

  • I can not get updates to work and its just ARGEGGEGGEGGEGEGEGRFGERGEREU& FG^ FVY()G>P:?G>P:?^ FUCK ME!is anyone else having this problem and how do I fix it?

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    She was five years old,her hair was in tight pigtails and she laughed as loud as she could.

    She was ten years old,hair let down lose and a nervous smile she hated.

    She was thirteen,Hair messy and unbrushed […]

  • To all my friends.
    I know I’m a lot to handle.I know I mess up and say the wrong things at the wrong times.I know you have plenty reasons to hate me.Yet you don’t.Thanks I don’t think you can begin to understand […]

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