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    it has come to a dead end and i am tired, i can’t resist anymore. i can’t fight anymore
    i am very sensitive and i can’t take it
    everything is so harsh in here
    maybe it’s just me
    and yes it’s just me
    and i can no longer take it.
    this is probably the last time i am gonna write here, or anywhere or write anything at all
    it’s it

  • lonelyunicorn posted an update 5 months ago

    I am not depressed, I am just constantly feeling blue.
    and the feeling of being unwanted keeps haunting me, day by day I feel like I have to disappear, away from everything, I don’t know. I don’t know anything at all. And I hate every part of me for this, for not even trying to fix this, the feelings, the insecurities, the things that happened to…[Read more]

  • thinking about it again
    I don’t know, I just don’t
    does it worth thinking about it over and over and over and over ?
    I hate that it’s stuck in my mind
    for years and years I tried to get over it but it won’t go away
    It’s like I keep drowning slowly and I can’t do anything about it except enjoying the soul drained out of me
    I won’t be able to…[Read more]


  • And fuck I ended it very badly
    and I miss everyday I have been through
    never thought it would be kept in my mind for that long
    I thought maybe if I ended it it won’t be harmless
    but I dun know myself anymore.
    and I hate spending every moment by myself.
    not sharing my thoughts, my love (if there’s any left) not sharing anything at all.
    I miss you.

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  • hey, it’s been a while isn’t it ?
    life is the same maybe worse
    I feel nothing but I feel everything at the same time
    I want everyone and I wanna be alone
    I wanna die but I have something to live for
    not sure
    insecure, maybe
    but I still would be glad if I didn’t have to be like this
    I wanna be someone else instead of me
    not being…[Read more]

  • I haven’t written anything for so long
    and i was glad that i didn’t have to , now I still have those fucking feelings
    like you wanna scream at the top of ur lungs but you are just so fucking tired to do so.
    the world no longer fits u anymore.
    you are dead in any possible way except physically.
    u try ur best not to be this way but you can’t help…[Read more]

  • And fuck , I can’t stop crying. I am tired and..I wanna take a break.
    I thought I felt empty , but turns our is that complete dull sadness fills my heart.
    I can’t escape from it, I can’t ignore it as I thought I would.
    It’s even harder to try to ignore it.
    I can’t do this anymore, and I wanna share this and I am tired of trying to explain ,…[Read more]

  • It’s just , I feel like I still do it
    I still push people away, I can’t make them stay, I can’t help them..
    I used to be the ” problem solver ”
    Now I am just too tired to even help myself , and it hurts , so fucking much,
    watching the people I love getting upset or whatever and I can’t do anything about it.
    I have to do something about it, but…[Read more]

  • I..I dun know what should I write, I am tired..
    I just am , tired of me , of them of this world.
    What was that for?
    I try to be me, but it seems like it’s not working , nothing ever worked for me , I worth nothing, I dun need anyone!
    I hate them all, I hate myself for being this. what should I do ?
    my eyes are burning. I am just..
    I am sad
    I…[Read more]

  • Have you ever got that feeling , the feeling of feeling nothing? like there are no feels but that’s somehow kind of feels at the same time , idk if this makes any sense , it’s just something that probably gonna drive me insane , I can’t deal with those feels , judgements , self hatred , non caring or whatever is going on in my life without…[Read more]

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    In reply to: Abigail posted an update in the group The Circle I’m new here, and to be honest I have no clue what to say. I guess I can start off with.. I use to cut myself. I would lock my bedroom, turn loud depressing music […] View

    Naybe feeling the pain makes u forget about anything else going in ur mind.

  • So , I haven’t written anything for a while and I feel Iam gonna explode but my mind is just crowdy ?
    idk I just feel like there are some messed up things in there and I just can’t get rid of them , complains, regrets, fantasies maybe or maybe existence crisis , I dun even know what the hell Iam writing or why Iam writing maybe cuz I dun have…[Read more]

  • I am tired
    Just tired. Tired of complaining, tired of complaining that Iam always tired.I want to let people in. I want them to see who I really am or at least I want one person to understand.without explaining why I get those moments sometimes just the acceptance would be nice, without trials to change me. to understand my unbearable complex…[Read more]

  • You know what’s sad?
    That when I was young I dreamed , and I wanted to be a successful scientist, the first female astronaut even I wanted to be diver.But all I got now is nothing , I can’t even dream the way I used to.. All I got now is nothing and messy thoughts.
    my word for today is ” Lifeless”

  • Today, I stayed a little bit longer between sheets than I normally do, I was thinking of how good it will be if this life Iam living was just a movie or a beautiful painting , yea a beautiful painting and Iam just drawn by an amazing artist, and all these thoughts Iam thinking of are nothing.
    How great would it be if this was fantasy and Iam just…[Read more]

  • So, a friend of mine tried to talk to me about his feelings and how he can’t feel anything and trying to understand why is that buy replacing his thoughts with another ones, it’s strange u know like this is mostly how I feel, I’ve always thought I feel that way because of loneliness but he made kinda see that it’s because of that, loneliness has…[Read more]

  • I have no idea why I came back to writing this, or anything at all. It’s just I never felt I belonged to anywhere or anyone..
    being misunderstood , not felt, not being seen mostly. I’ve always hided within my books , movies or music, that’s where I felt like myself. But through time this also wasn’t enough.
    I needed someone to talk to, someone to…[Read more]