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    I just stopped feeling that cutting doesn’t do it for me anymore…. I’m alone in this world I just do other harmful this to try and make the internal pain go away…. my therapist says I’m fine but she never experienced what I have she says that when she was my age it was the best years of her life but I look at her like she is stupid….like how…[Read more]

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    what am I supposed to say when my mind is all over the place with my depression personality disorder and my anxiety and anger issues but on top of all of that I’m in love with to guys who are completely different,…. one is just like me all messed up and understands me but cant really help me, while the other one has his life together but doesn’t…[Read more]

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    In reply to: Stephanie posted an update I stopped talking at new year after something bad happened to me. Having suffered from selective mutism I knew if I stopped talking I would find it very hard to start again so I thought […] View

    its all gonna be okay trust me in the end speaking can sometimes help but you just have to be more selective as to who you are speaking to with my experience never go to an adult or close friends they are never good help always look for a person who has lived through what you have because if you never lived through it how can you help others who…[Read more]

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    I may be biased at times and I know I can be crazy even psycho but aren’t we all why do people leave when its convenient for them but difficult for me…. oh yah because people don’t care you cant trust anyone because everyone talks to much….. just shut up world things are to much at this point….

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