Guess Who’s Back :-)

October 10, 2014 in My Blog

Hey there people of diary for teens. Long time no talk. Sorry for that. I should probably post on here more often. But I don’t. Well I’ll give you an update on how things are going. It’s senior year and that means stress on stress on stress. It kinda sucks not gonna lie. There’s deadlines for this and deadlines for that. College application here college application there. All together it’s just an overwhelming year. But lets rewind back to October of last year. So I met this guy and we started talking. We talk everyday. Then finally after 6 long months, in April of the next year, we finally hung out for the first time. That was the day that he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was the happiest girl in the world. But come May I wanted to bring him to a dance at my school called MORP. However, his mom wouldn’t let him go unless she talked to my mom. She wanted to talk to my mom about my boyfriend being 18 while I was 16 and if she were comfortable with her son dating me. So him and his mom drove to my house for the meeting. Long story short our parents made us break up. I was a wreck. I cried my eyes out for about an hour then decided to pick myself back up and get my butt to the dance. After getting there and walking into the dance I realized that I just couldn’t do it. All I wanted to do was cry. Beforehand I had texted people to ask them if they were going. All of whom were not. Who remembers that guy named Storm that I talked about in one of my previous posts? Let me elaborate more on him because I didn’t in the post he was mentioned in. Storm and I have been friends since freshman year. Since then he’s always had a thing for me and would hit on me. But I never gave him the time of day. Anyways, he was one of the people that I texted that wasn’t going because he had work. But we hung out when he got done at work. When I went to hangout with him after work we ended up making out for a couple hours. Now I know I know. I seem like a whore after saying I did this but it was better than crying myself to sleep. After that night me and Storm started talking more. We would hang out more at school and outside of school. Everything was going good until I felt as if I were more of a booty call than a romantic partner with him. He would act affectionate and lovey dovey towards me when the two of us were alone but, at school he barely came near me or touched me even. But all of our mutual friends said we were low key dating. But I didn’t want to be low key dating I wanted to be high key dating. This didn’t happen anytime soon. That passed time for about two months. Finally I was just done with him and how things were going. July rolled around and I decided to YOLO it and text my ex that I was forced to break up with. To be honest when he texted me back and we started talking as if we didn’t stop I started crying. Eventually after about a couple weeks of talking again we got back together. But this time it was without our parents knowledge. It’s been almost three months now since we’ve gotten back together. But of course his dad found out and isn’t letting him come see me and told him that he is disappointed in him because he is showing a lack of morals for dating me behind my dads back. Yay for me right? I just don’t know why nothing ever works out in my favor. Then just this passed Monday Storm hugged me all awkwardly for like two minutes and asked me if I missed him. I told him no, why? do you miss me? and he told me yeah kinda. Honestly, he had his chance with me and he blew it. I’m with someone who I have extremely strong feelings for and I just can’t shake them. So that’s about it for the romantic part of my life. Crap……. I lost my train of thought and can’t remember what I was going to talk about next. Oh wait! I remember. Things with my mom are better than ever. We’ve been getting along great the last couple of years. However, my dad on the other hand is another story. He’s very disapproving towards boyfriends of any sort thank to my psychotic first ex boyfriend. I don’t believe I told you all about the incident that happened. Let me just sum it up. He vandalized something of mine and the police were called and there was this big huge ordeal that my dad made with the school and I had to get a no negative contact contract against him. I was an emotional wreck for about a week after the incident. I had a breakdown in the schools police officers office and I almost had a breakdown in the assistant principals office. Just nothing seems to be going my way lately. Hopefully things start getting better soon. Because having breakdowns as often as I’ve been getting them lately isn’t fun. Especially when you get puffy eyes the next morning because of crying. I guess I’ll post again sometime soon. Maybe. If you actually read my posts let me know if you like what you read. I’ll be here for advice. I may even write something on the questions you ask me. Don’t be afraid to shoot me a message. I would love to help. Until next time people of diary for teens.

Hello Again

March 31, 2014 in My Blog

I’ve noticed that people have been commenting and readIng my posts more. I haven’t been on here in a while actually. But to be completely honest I would only come on and post on here when I was extremely upset. It’s like my little getaway from the people in my town. So if you guys want me to post more often let me know. Well I guess I’ll give you guys a little update on how things have been. My ex’s cousin harassed me for an hour a couple week ago. I had to block him to make it stop. He’s like obsessed with me or something. Because for the longest time he tried to make me jealous with this absolutely disgusting girl. I’m not just saying that because he’s my ex. Nobody likes this girl. He isn’t even with her anymore. He was only with her because she was easy and like to make out with him all the time and gave him blowjobs. Not gonna lie that made me laugh….. A lot. Okay well. It’s hard to blog from my phone so bye for now.

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