Oh my goodness (I can’t hide it)

June 15, 2015 in My Blog

Guys. It’s been a year plus since I posted anything. This is crazy. I just graduated and was feeling nostalgic so I decided to look up some of my old writing, when I all of a sudden remembered this site!
I feel like I’ve grown so much in the last year and boy do I have a lot to talk about!
Is anyone I used to talk to even still here?
Normally I would be wary of posting again but I found this again at the best possible time. I need somewhere to express myself again or I might just explode.
Anywho, hello to all(aka just future me rereading this because as much as Ive changed I cant believe people will actually read and care about my posts lol!)

An older but not at all wiser,

My Slightly More Exsistent Love Life

October 31, 2013 in My Blog

🙂 Sighhhh, I don’t really even know where to start.
I guess for starters I’m happy. 🙂
Happier than I should be realistically, considering my feelings may, one again, be unreciprocated.
But I can’t help it.
His name Eli.
We met freshman year, through a mutual friend, and have basically remained aquintences. This year we have started talking more.
He’s funny and outgoing and has curly hair (which you all know I love), and he has such a happy disposition.
He’s the reason I can get over Henry.
And maybe that’s bad aswell, but I don’t find that I care.
There is a slight problem though…..
Do you guys remember how in the eighth grade by best friend liked Henry and they chatted every night (See: My very much nonexsistent love life)
Well I fear it is happening again.
I think Bea, one of my closest friends who so happens to be the same girl from the eight grade might like Eli also….
The worst part is that if she does, and I’m not being modest here or anything, I don’t really have a chance.
She’s so nice and more out going than I am, plus she’s petite(like the cutesy type of petite). She’s great, I mean if not we wouldn’t be friends.
Like I said I’m really not being modest. I’m that ackward chubby girl, and even with my new goal to be more out there I’m not nearly as nice, the term used to describe me is usually mire along the lines of “sassy” or “sarcastic”. Besides all that though like I said we’ve just started talking as friends this year, I think she’s known him since freshman year.
Sighhh, Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
Despite the overall tone of this I’m not upset about it. Maybe I just don’t like him that much yet, or maybe his happy disposition is rubbing off on me.
Well anything worth telling will be told in the next post…
Until then,
A unreasonably contented,

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