July 7, 2012 in Poetry, Teen Troubles

Peeling off layers Of my skin Oh it’s so cold I’m so exposed Please don’t take This shield away I’m not ready to give it up It is who I am Oh it hurts so bad Feels like I am bleeding to death So empty so bare Without this I am nothing Without it I will die


A Hidden Fairy Tale

December 13, 2011 in My story, Poetry

Once Upon A Time there was a little girl who was happy but as she grew she found herself lost and alone she tried to run away to escape her pain but it always found her wherever she went. She would hide behind closed doors and solum words, only the true could see her pain.  She found a way out, where she would go was peacefull no pain and no loss. It did not last long she found she could go only f…our weeks at the longest, if she went more then once in a week she would find herself in more pain when she would return. People ask her to stop going they said “It only causes more pain it doesnt help” but to her it did. She found her self going more and more and when she would return it felt a little bet better but then the pain would come back. So she would return to that place to find peace and happeness. She thought it was doing her good, but she was actually putting herself in danger not realising it, it was taking her life bit by bit. They all tried to stop her in one way or another but she always found a way back. Its what she needed she craved it it was like a drug to her. She was Addicted to it.

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