Foundation to the friend/One way mirror

November 4, 2014 in My Blog

Once you open the door
There’s no turning back
When you open your eyes
You’ll see things that not even time could erase
The mask has been taken off
Your face has been revealed
All the scars in the woodwork
The imperfections in the gem
Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks
At least I know where I stand
On the side of a one way mirror
I’m still there
I’m still reaching out
I’m ready to catch you if you stumble
or if you call out my name
But somehow I got lost in the shadow of the beauty you see in yourself
I guess I understand
You may be the gem in the crown
But at least I’m the foundation
One day I’ll still be standing
I’ll be the one thing that not even time has erased

When the sources are gone
When the crowd has all left
Where is the flame??
Where is your light??
On the side of a one way mirror you stand
Your reflection is dark and it’s cold
Because there was no flame
You became the reflection of their light
Trapped inside yourself and you’re freezing to death
Not a candle to your name
You don’t know where to start
It’s a ray of sunshine you need
You’ll find it in your heart
A reflection you may have been
But the sunshine on the mirror
It will start your flame
Your flame will grow to fire
Eventually you’ll break free
And you’ll get a gasp of air
No possible way to stop you now
You have found your flame
You have found your light
To think it all started
When you opened up your heart to things which would have departed

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