September 9, 2014 in My Blog

Personally I don’t want a guy I lose my words around.
I want one where the words come up naturally,too much sometimes,
but he will listen to me ramble anyways.
I want a guy I don’t have to worry about dressing up for,
he will love me in my jeans and tee-shirt.
I want a guy who I’m not nervous around,
he will always make sure I feel safe and comfortable.
I don’t want a guy who fell in love with me at first sight,
he will fall in love with me slowly for who I am as we get to know each other.
I don’t want a fairy tale romance,
I want a real relationship.

6 responses to Personally…

  1. took the words straight out of my mouth

  2. I think i have FINALLY found that guy! and it feels wonderful.

  3. i found a guy like that 😛 i know he loves me to bits (he was my best friend before he became my whole life)

  4. Well said ^^, hope I can find it someday.

  5. I agree:)I think I have found a guy like that….

  6. if that is not real love than i don’t know what is. i totally want that too.

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