A Letter And A Thank You.

September 26, 2014 in My Blog

Well this post is going to have to do double duty,(Hehe I said duty) it is going to be a letter I wrote a little over a year ago through a site I found.(links at the bottom!)It will also include what I am about to say:

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has commented on and taken the time to read what I post here it really warms my heart and I wish I could give all of you a hug! Your comments have really helped me feel like I am doing something here and not just writing to myself and I just wanted to say I know a lot of my blog is about depression and dating so if you’re ever feeling sad or need advice I will do my best if you message me!(I’m certainly not saying my advice will be good, but I will give it.) I love you guys!

The letter:

Dear FutureMe,
Hello!I was bored and I found this site on tumblr(Still using Tumblr my buddy?(If so I hope you have lots more followers(right now I have 45)))Oh but I just relised its the 21!Witch means when you get this you and Jordyn would have been together for a year and two months,if your still together.If you are I hope you two are a lot less awkward.But haha what are the odds of that!I hope you haven’t cut,I hope that Jordyn and cooper haven’t either.Well have a nice day and maybe write another one of these for next year?

-Love old Sam

Link To The Site
P.s. I will be posting the letter I wrote for next year if I am still on here at that time.(I hope I will be!)

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  1. thanks for the link

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