by Tia

Tmarie Is Back!!!

July 1, 2015 in this is tia

After nearly a year being away from here, i am back online. And trust me, i have a lot to share. A lot has happened in the time i was afk.

I’ve become a much better writer since the last time i was here. A lot of practice does some good.

i dont have time to share everything right now, so i’ll be back sooner or later to post about it. I hope you guys missed me!!!

by Tia

two personalitys, one person

July 26, 2013 in this is tia

some times its hard to remember exactly who I am. I have to remember that the things that ive been doing aren’t me at all. but I’ve given up on the old me. it seems as if ive made a new personality. one side is innocent and forgiving and really wants to try hard in school but the other side is troublesome and almost puts me in jail from time to time. she swears and snaps at her best friends. shes hard to control and I see that side more than I see the other side. shes almost controlling my life now….

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