• Ok so I don’t usually do this, but I decided to upload a poem that I wrote.
    There was a time when I knew what love is,
    Love is blonde locks cascading down her back.
    Love is hours of watching dumb videos together.
    It’s shopping mall trips and the sway of her hips.
    Love is watching scary movies even though you hate them, just to make her…[Read more]

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  • Megan Smith posted an update 2 years ago

    Okay let me start this off by saying I don’t hate many things, I’m generally a very understanding and open-minded person. But there is one thing I hate more than just about anything; and that is when people try to say happiness is a choice. As a person that’s been fighting depression and anxiety since I was 13, I call total bs on that! It’s not…[Read more]

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    In reply to: Megan Smith posted an update I know it’s been awhile… things with my mum are ok in a way. We don’t argue really she’s just told me she doesn’t care what I do anymore, I’m moving out soon. My aunt is letting me […] View

    jasmyne…. My mum isn’t going through anything, she’s just controlling and likes knowing she can control my future, but if I move out she can’t do that. And my friends are very accepting and understanding, so it’s not because I’m “different” they have known about my depression and anxiety for awhile and have been supportive. And my aunt’s is in…[Read more]

  • Megan Smith posted an update 2 years ago

    I know it’s been awhile… things with my mum are ok in a way. We don’t argue really she’s just told me she doesn’t care what I do anymore, I’m moving out soon. My aunt is letting me move in with her, but my mum told me if I move out I’m going to be cut out of her life… But that’s not why I’m writing right now. I’m losing my only 2 friends, my…[Read more]

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  • I need help…I’m so lost right now and I have no idea what to do. Mine and my Mum’s relationship is at an all time low. She keeps threatening to kick me out and keeps telling me to get out. But I have no where to go… I keep asking my aunt if I can move into her house and she says no. There’s no room at my best friend’s house. I don’t have a job…[Read more]

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  • Tonight my 2 best friends and I are going to a local cafe for an open mic poetry reading. And I’m so excited, I haven’t been to one since I graduated last year. And I’m still trying to decide if I want to read or not… in high school I was reading in front of other students, most of them I knew. And I haven’t written anything new in months. I’m…[Read more]

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  • It’s official my mom hates me. Today we were at my sister’s basketball game, and during the last quarter I started having a panic attack, my hands were tingling and paralyzed, and so were my feet, and everything was dizzy, and it was hard to breathe. And my mom, who was sitting right next to me looked over and asked what was going on, I barely…[Read more]

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  • I can’t be happy. I try so hard, but I just can’t. Every time things are starting to look up I ruin it for myself. I’ll be somewhere or doing something and it will remind me of her, and just like that I’m hurt all over again. So here I sit listening to My Heart Will Go On(hoping that it will instantaneously make me move on, even though I know it…[Read more]

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  • Megan Smith‘s profile was updated 2 years, 4 months ago

  • I wish I could say that I saw you in my dreams, but in order to dream you have to sleep and sadly I don’t sleep. Instead I lay awake all night missing you. And god how I wish I could dream about you, a dream about us never fighting, you never leaving, nothing changing. In my dream we would be sitting in your living room at 1 am watching White…[Read more]

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  • You know what, I’m getting really tired of feeling like this; like shit, worthless, useless, ugly, unwanted. I’m tired of no one wanting me! My mom doesn’t want me, just today she said to get out of her house because she just can’t do it anymore. My aunts and uncles don’t want me, my friends don’t, boys don’t.

    What is it about me that no one…[Read more]

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  • So I’ve been black listed by my biological father’s family because I want nothing to do with him… And it really fuckin sucks, I’ve done nothing wrong. And none of them want to believe anything that I tell them. None of them believe that he could really do all the things I said he did, i.e force me to go to church even though I’m atheist, talk…[Read more]

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  • I wish I didn’t care so much, I wish I could just do something for me. I want to numb the pain, I want to say “Fuck It!”: get drunk, high, and so fucked up that I can’t feel anything, but I can’t because that’d hurt my family and I don’t want to hurt them. I wish I didn’t care about others so much. I wish I wasn’t me anymore, I’m tired of being…[Read more]

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  • So can I just say that sometimes I really hate people?
    And I don’t say that much, I’m a total people person, but sometimes people can really piss me off. Like that guy I went on a date with. We went on like 10 dates in the matter of 3 weeks and then out of no where he stopped opening my messages (we messaged on snapchat so I could tell), but he’d…[Read more]

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  • Megan Smith commented on the post, Help?, on the site Me Myself and I 2 years, 5 months ago

    In reply to: Talia wrote a new post, Help?, on the site Me Myself and I I think I may have a problem, and I don’t know what to do about it. I try not to do it but I find myself doing it anyway and it’s not healthy. I’ve always […] View

    I just wanted to say that I understand, I skip out on meals (mostly breakfast and lunch) and I’m also 5’4. I’m currently underweight and for awhile now my mom has been threatening to send me to a rehab center, she thinks I have an eating disorder, and while I might it hurts my feelings. I have depression and anxiety and so she automatically…[Read more]

  • My least favorite part of the day is supper. We don’t have enough room in our dinning room to fit all 6 of us at the table, so my 2 sisters (one 15 and the other 14) have to sit at the bar, which is right by the table. And at supper my sisters turn into tweedledumb and tweedledumber. Which is ridiculous because my 15 year old sister (let’s just…[Read more]

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  • So today I had my first date since I broke up with my abusive ex (5 months ago). And it was so nice, I had a great time. We went and got Starbucks, then sat outside and talked for an hour. The guy I went with is my ex from 5 years ago, we broke up because I moved an hour away. But now we’ve graduated high school and he’s going to college in my…[Read more]

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  • I’m so done with all of this bullshit! I love my sister and family more than anything, but all they ever do is tease me and yell at me and be mean to me, and I just can’t take it anymore! Let me explain more… I’ve been battling depression for 5 years now and anxiety. I’ve attempted suicide 3 times, I cut for 2 years then found my (used to be)…[Read more]

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  • So I just told my Mom that I made an appointment at the DMV for my learner’s permit and asked if Dad had told her already and she said no, that they haven’t been talking for a few days. I’m so scared that I’m gonna loose my Dad. He may not be my biological father, but he’s more of a dad to me than my birth father… And I’ve already lost so many…[Read more]

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  • Megan Smith posted a new activity comment 2 years, 7 months ago

    In reply to: Megan Smith posted an update So today I had my first behind the wheel driving lesson. I was so scared, and yes I know it’s normal for most people to be a bit worried about crashing, but most people would also be a […] View

    Trinity thank you! Sorry for the late response, I hadn’t been on until tonight

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