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You look into my eyes, so in love.

Like a spell has been casted.

I can see it, everyone can see it.

You say you love me like it’s the first time that you said

It. You held my hand like I’m going to be gone.

You kissed and hugged me as if it were the last, always.

But no, you held someone else’s hand other than mine.

You said the same words that you said to me everyday.

I can still taste your love and it burns to the core.

I still feel  your lips but I know I’m not the only one.

How can something  true, end up being a lie?

All I see is you.

All I hear is you.

You’re everywhere.

I can’t love you anymore, so I said goodbye and said

My last “I love you” and kissed your cheeks.

How can you held someone’s hand when mine was yours,

How can you kiss someone when my lips is for our love.

8 responses to You

  1. Anything that comes close to what my readers is feeling is enough for me, I’m happy that you find the time to read this.

  2. I’m flattered that you think that. This actually is about my ex boyfriends but specifically my latest one.

  3. You feel as if all of it was pointless but at the same time that love was all you ever wanted.

  4. Your an amazing writer and if this boy doesn’t like you he’s probably missing out on you anyway!!

  5. Poetic its not quit what i feel but its close.

  6. I feel like this all the time.

  7. Feeling the same way right now!

  8. I feel the same way…..It hurts but you got to get over it in one point of time. I like this guy and it seems like he’s jealous…..idk but he showed me a picture of a girl he “likes” and I was heart broken but when I showed him a picture of who I “like” he was jealous and all up on my shoulder. What I’m saying is that he probably still cares about you. You just got to wait a little while. I’m still waiting but the process is almost over 🙂

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