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February 6, 2016 in My Blog

Hi everyone! my readers have been so supportive with great criticisms that helped me through my writing and I am very grateful. I’ve been posting on this blog for almost 3 years and I feel in a way that my readers deserve to know something about the person who is writing it. So, here it goes…….

Name: Trisha (you can call me Trish, I actually don’t like my name because it’s so common. I asked my mom why did she named me “trisha” when I was in 4th grade and she said “Nothing,I just felt like naming you trisha” lol talk about a very meaningful story about my name! haha but my mom is so cool though)

Nationality: British-Filipino ( I have never been in the uk or Europe but will surely go there in the future. I grew up in the Philippines)

Height: 5’4 (This height is considered to be tall in this country but I think I may seem small to the ones who’s not living in Asia)

I’m taking Bachelor Of Science in PSYCHOLOGY, planning to be a doctor or a lawyer. (ugh so much studying! but whatever! haha)

Gender: Female (I know that it’s obvious haha I just want to add it up)

Eye shape: Almond (The shape of my eyes is almond and people tell me that I look like a cat because of it and because I have big pupils)

Eyecolor: Brown

Sports: none (uhmmmm… no thanks! I’d rather lay in bed all day! hahaha kidding but not really! haha I’m not a hater of sports, I actually want to try muay thai but I don’t have anyone that would be my “muay thai buddy” so I may never achieve learning muay thai)

Personality: I’m the kind of person who is friends with everyone but I don’t look like it, I’m super competitive, opinionated, weird(according to many), boyish.

Talent: I sing RnB, I dance urban hiphop (pop lock stuff) and I can draw.

Favorite TV series: Friends(my #1), big bang theory, scrubs, Angie Tribeca, Malcolm in the middle, American horror story,family guy, american dad,the office and the last man on earth.

Genre in music: ALL but my favorites are Rock,punk,metal,screamo,punk rock and rock alternative.

Genre in movies: Horror,suspense,thriller and comedy. (I hate chick flicks and romance)

well, that’s about it! I hope that’s okay for you guys 🙂

Just send me a message when you need help in creating your own poetry.

Thanks for reading! stay updated!


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  1. you are a very interesting personality 🙂

  2. Great read

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