My Love

March 6, 2016 in My Blog


 I am an impatient person but I am patient with you.

I am a cruel person to those that did me wrong, but not with you.

I am not forgiving but I am with you.

I don’t take back people but I took you back.

I don’t cry but I have cried for you more than anyone and anything in this world.

I am somewhat different and myself with you.

They say the things you love will be the most painful thing that can hurt you, I am willing to face that pain.

I have felt that pain and it is the most beautiful yet tragic pain that I have felt.

I can go through a thousand, a million and even an never ending tragedy for you.

You are the the dagger to my heart, my love.

13 responses to My Love

  1. this is so beautiful it speaks truly from the heart

  2. artistic sketch………leaving all your ego for one guy……….i went through it too but you are better than I coz you don’t mind the pain……great going

  3. Mia said on May 26, 2016

    that is so pretty you are a great artist

  4. This is absolutely beautiful describes my current situation 🙂
    Great job Girly

  5. This is so beautiful, describing my current situation. 🙂

  6. i love it sooooo much

  7. To me you are an amazing poet
    And we like the same things hope to see more poems soon

  8. Aww it defines me a bit

  9. So wonderful

  10. absolutely beautiful

  11. This is amazing. My feelings exactly.

  12. I like this . I feel the same way sometimes .

  13. This is so beautiful.

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