I am hopeful

June 19, 2016 in My Blog

I have been trapped in the same box where you left me.

I gave in, to be trapped again and now, you left me here.

locked away with all the brokenness. I showed you the scar of the past that you created

and happily chose to let them bleed again. You went back to your old ways, and I was

all alone, drowning in my own blood. Never again.

now it is over, but the pain is so familiar. I am ready to let go of you, the familiar pain,

scars and my love for you. Goodbye,

To the boys that broke me, never again. I know I will get my heart broken again, until

I find myself someone who will never break me. someone who will show me the unknown parts of myself.

perhaps, the parts that got broken and lost.

I am hopeful and I will be okay.

4 responses to I am hopeful

  1. This is such an emotional piece for me and I’m glad that you can relate to it

  2. that’s beautiful that I can relate to something so deep in every way I think maybe I dunno I just know that you pored you heart and soul on the table and had us look into it

  3. i feel your pain because i ave the same experiences

  4. You will be okay. You are so strong. One day a man will come along and he will love you unconditionally.

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