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So I know I haven’t been active lately and I am sorry for that. As some of you may know I am currently 17, which means i’m a senior in high school. My school encourages us to take college classes because they are easier in high school than in college. So I signed up for college English. No big deal I’m normally good at English.

Well currently I am barely passing English. My teacher is a grammar Nazi. She takes 10 points off for every run-on and fragment.  Well it just so happens I’m horrible at spotting run-ons and fragments. So I haven’t been doing to hot on the essays (one each week). That’s the only grade we get in the class. I’ve talked to the teacher and she hasn’t helped. The school tried to get me to drop the course but I refused. If I did I would be put in a class with my bullies. I wasn’t going to let that happen. but me being me didn’t tell anyone this was the reason I didn’t drop the class.

So basically if I don’t get my grade up I won’t graduate. I’ve been stressing out so much over this I have a stress headache. This is also causing my anxiety to act up because i’m not being the “perfect student” like I should be. And god knows every time I have an anxiety attack my mom yells at me. That’s her way of dealing with it.

So I’m over stressed, have no one to go to for help, and just feel like giving up. How are you guys doing? Any tips on how to handle the stress because literally nothing is working. I’ve been having an anxiety attack at least once a week if not more. I don’t know how much more I can take.

Plus another factor to add to my stress level is my grandfather i dying! He needs to have a surgery in order to live. but he’s refusing to admit that he’s dying so he won’t agree to the surgery.


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  1. stress is a real hard thing to handle…
    I understood one thing… you want to do well … to graduate.
    You said you are horrible at spotting run ons and fragments…. then you need to practice the mistakes you make…not just the mistakes..literally the whole thing .

    Hard work,Practice and Sincerity are the main factors to get good grades in anything .. and …..

    you need to RELAX no matter what..or you arent going to do well in life.. no matter what excuse you say right now…. trust will regret it if you dont……

    Another thing… need to aim for GOOD GRADES not mainly for graduating….you should do well for good grades and not for the sake of graduating ……

    It must be really hard for you to think about failing…so just dont think about it… all I can say is …do you best with hard work and sincerity .. put in your efforts….practice more especially at your mistakes and what you are weak at….. and

    you must be aiming high …you could be expecting alot…dont overdo it… if you expect yourself to be perfect, then you are wrong.
    I am not so sure about this but …you can ask some others for help too not just your teacher or is it not ?

    and finally…..

    P.S. again I joined this site a few days back so I read your message late……

    and to control stress… do other things in i said relax but relax doesn’t need to be very big nor should it be small.. hang out with ….people …your family …siblings..friends….

    go for swimming..jogging..walking….it will make you feel better if you at least walk everyday

    these things might not have an effect ….but if you want to….relaxing is the best way……in the night… a cold night…looking at the stars (especially with someone) is a good feeling for most of the people…. YOU ARE NOT TOO BUSY… or something like…
    1) Meditation
    2) yoga
    and things like that…

    and the last thing is ..FACE THE BULLIES…YOU CAN IGNORE THEM…you can make friends with other people in the world… Bullies are a part of people’s lives… they could be your ex-best-friends or anything or they will become friends again…you will never know…GOD is with you…there are people out there for you……it will happen..soon every thing will become better

    P.S so sorry to hear about you grandfather…. i will keep him and you in my prayers everyday.

  2. It’s the only way she knows how to handle it. I can be a lot to handle.

  3. If your mom yells at you when you have a panic attack, she could be charged for that!!

  4. Sadly I’m to busy to relax and when I do have downtime I find ways to make myself busy. If I don’t my mind will get the best of me. I really doubt I can do it but thank you. I can’t forget my bullies because less than a year ago they were my best friends. That is something I will never be able to forget no matter how hard I try, and trust me I try. My dad raised me to be perfect and if I am anything les than perfect I have anxiety attacks. What can I say, anxiety is my best friend. That class does define me because if I don’t pass it my dad will hate me. If i fail, I have nothing left going for me, and no me and no one understands that.

  5. Hey Talia sorry to here about what your going through. I think you should take a break and relax a little. Don’t listen what they have to say to you because I know you can do it. Forget about those bullies, and there is no such thing as “perfect student” your probably a great student. That one class doesn’t define you, that is not who are as a person and I know you can do it. If you need help you can talk to me. You can email me and I’ll talk to you, I’ll be your friend and you can talk to me all you want. It’s I look at my email everyday. Why would you give up now. If you give up now Talia you won’t know what’s in store for you. Just don’t give up.

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